The language of ivrit ( עברית ) Genesis 20, Video #3

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Welcome to my Hebrew reading & language series.

Genesis 20:8-10


Abimelech source

Abimelech woke up early the next morning and told all his servants about the dream. He then went to Abraham to tell him how he felt about his deception.

He asked Abraham about it, saying "What have you done to us, and what have I ever done to you that you have brought this upon me and upon my kingdom?"

The story continues next week as Abraham explains his actions.

Thank you for visiting! Read with me as we unfold the story of Abimelech. The Hebrew film has skipped this entire chapter so it is just me this week.

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I am very happy to know about a holy lamguage. Thsnk you sir @hebrew

סיפור מעניין.
המלחמה של אבימלך היא פנימית אבל הוא הולך ומאשים את אברהם.
לפעמים אנחנו פועלים באופן אגרסיבי ואז גם מתפלאים מדוע אומרים לנו מה שאנחנו רוצים לשמוע כשזה לא נכון.