Love is the very essence of God

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Love is the very essence of God

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The message described in this verse is of great importance, relevance, and relevance to Jesus' new covenant based on grace.

They are words that contain a profound meaning and lead to the practice of God's will, for even without understanding the whole content of the Bible or necessarily being a Christian, practicing love can cover a multitude of sins and even all faults.

Not in vain is it stated that: Love is the very essence of God and Jesus said that the whole law is summed up in 2 commandments that are: Love God and Love Neighbor as yourself.

For this reason said and by simple intuition we can deduce that love is perhaps the most important element in the life of the human being, condition without equa non that separates us from the rest of creation.

Today it is clear that by practicing love, in its different forms and expressions, we will get a sense of well-being that cannot be compared or matched to any other feeling or emotion, so we can be certain that our whole life revolves around love, from the moment we are conceived to the day of our departure from this physical world.

In the spiritual realm, I can affirm without fear of being mistaken, there is a directly proportional relationship between the development of our personal relationship with God (through the Holy Ghost) and the love we show to our fellowmen and the Creator; which in turn can become exponential by receiving multiplied hundreds of times that love for the source that is God himself.

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Receive very blessings.

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