According to research drinking more water helps control obesity hormones

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The scientists in United States have found in experiments on mice that if they drink large amounts of water daily, they can control a hormone called "vasopressin", which causes obesity, and as a result, obesity can be controlled to a great extent.

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The study, led by scientist Miguel A. Lanaspa of the University of Colorado, Denver, was published in the latest issue of the online research journal ‘JCI Insight.’

Various studies in recent years have shown that drinking large amounts of water daily improves our physical and mental health, while a hypothesis has been made that excess water is also important in reducing obesity.

To confirm this hypothesis and to learn more about it, medical experts at the University of Colorado conducted experiments on rats, which found a clear link between drinking more water and the performance of the hormone vasopressin.

The study found that rats that were given large amounts of plain water daily for a few days had significantly lower vasopressin performance, which led to an improved and higher rate of fat digestion during metabolism.

Vasopressin is a multipurpose hormone that has a variety of responsibilities, ranging from keeping blood pressure normal to keeping body temperature normal. However, in some studies it has also been identified as a biomarker of a mental illness called autism. In addition, vasopressin plays a key role in maintaining the right amount of water internally in the body, while high levels have been noted in obese and diabetic patients.

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Although these experiments have been performed on mice, it is hoped that almost the same effects of drinking more water will be seen in humans. Preparations for human trials have also begun in this regard.

It must be noted that 60% of an adult human body is made up of water. Recent studies on the medical benefits of water have shown that it not only improves the metabolism of food but also reduces nervous tension and helps in weight loss. It also benefits our ability to learn.

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I drink around 8 - 10 liters a day 😀 for almost last 25 years..

It is unbelievable. I guess you belong to medical profession.

No, I work in IT industry, 25 years back, I had a problem in stomach and then a doctor advised me to drink more water and it's going on since then. I can drink a liter at one go 😀

It is good practice and keeps us hydrated. Frankly I hardly drink 2 or 3 glasses of water daily.