PRS - Problem Reaction "Solution" - First it was Terror,Terror,Terrorists! Now it's Corona,Corona,Corona Virus! Ahhhh!!!

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1 Love Steemians, keep calm...

Don't give into the fear...
Let's concentrate on Love, high vibration, keep on living
as normal as possible.
Let authorities know it's ridiculous to rob people of their human natural
rights and freedoms, because of a corona virus which is 43 times
less deadly than the normal Flu...
But they don't need to do nothing, if people "dance" like
"puppets on a string" to the Propaganda.
So inform yourself, there are a lot of good interviews out there,
to what is happening right now worldwide.
I will later present 2 new interviews from Germany.

Corona Virus PRS: Problem, Reaction, "Solution"

It's not about the Virus, it's about what the 1% want to "introduce"
Let's see through the lies and deceptions, Brothers and Sisters,
and let us "change" the reaction, so there will be no solution=trap,
like vaccines e.g.
And now take a guess who is "in" making money together with big
pharma on the vaccines..?! The Tobacco Industry, especially
"British American Tobacco". Yeah, you heard it right,
a GMO Tobacco plant will grow the serum.
Just follow the money, like David Icke always says...
He wraps up PRS one more time considering our "Corona Situation".

After 911

it was Terror,Terror,Terrorists! Now it's Corona,Corona,Corona Virus!
"They", the sweet 1%, create a problem, wait for the reaction of the something!ahhh!
And the "solution" is the trap, to take all our Rights and
Freedoms away.
F... the fear, People. Act out of Love and superior Knowledge, best
experienced by yourself, and you know what's true.

1 Love


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Most people will not entertain anything other than news reports because they have been frightened to a certain extent. They are afraid of thinking differently than their friends and family. They are afraid of dying. They are afraid afraid afraid. They are afraid to not obey or they may die of a virus.
I am afraid to not obey for fear that I will be injected with a poison that is suppose to save the world from this virus but it in fact is a soft kill. After all Bill gates suggested that we need to get rid of many millions to save the world from overpopulation.
I am going to live the best that I can under the circumstances and I assure you I won't go down without a fight. I just don't want to fight. I want to concentrate on "love and High vibration". Peace.

I feel you, Sister, 100%
We will shoot back with Love in Cymatics and continue
the work of Tesla and Schauberger...check this:

And concerning the vaccines:
If they get "too close", we as the people (the bigger the group the better)
gotta sue them because of attempted "personal injury/mayhem".
My body, my choice.
Attack is the best defense. But always "peaceful" attacks.
We are not asking, we are telling!
Greetings from the LightWarrior ;)
Stay Strong


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fight gmo, fight force vaccinations, fight drugs causing chronic disease, fight for the plants of the creation prohibition to end, restore free speech, end censorship, fight 5g, electronic total surveillance grid (cashless, cctv everywhere)... liberty or...

ps the kool aid new age , positive bs, will not work... you don't free slaves or yourself from the plantation owner rule by being a nice little slave, nope, take your chains and showel, showel their bodies, burn the mcmansion and move to the next plantation... grow grow grow... and overwelmed their war troop when they arrive by evading them, eliminating one by one, and being smarter, faster, lighter and more importantly deadlier... warfare for liberation.

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