Not Blowing Nose During Cold Is Actually a Good Idea

in #health2 years ago


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I get cold once in once in a while and also I am writing this while having cold.

Whenever I get cold, I pick up the tissue and blow my nose.

Then my health get fucked up more (realized that bit later).

Today I got epiphany of Christ, he told me to stop blowing my nose.

So, I followed what he said, and guess what I haven't got any headache, eye strain (ie. No more fuck ups).

I just wipe down the mucus whenever it comes down.

Also for the record, its not that your nose feels filled because of mucus, it's because blood supply veins in your nose gets swollen.

So what? blowing nose makes matters worse. Don't blow your nose.


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If you want to prevent the use of nasal spray, you can also use a nasal dilator. It helps open your nose.