I Went Bulletproof

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On a slight change of topic from what I normally, albeit infrequently post about. I thought id mention coffee, .. in particular, my twist on Bulletproof coffee.



If you haven't heard of it, it was invented someone called Dave Asprey when he was out walking in the hills in some distant country and was given a drink by the locals which turned out was tea infused with Yak butter. He found it to serve as a real pick me up and revived his energy levels. If you want to know the details of his success in this area just google his name and there is a host of information on the subject. He formed a company and is still the owner of Bulletproof coffee which is an adaptation of black coffee blended with butter.

some people when they wake up feel like they can do without breakfast, .. me - I'm the opposite, ill have the eggs/toast/hash browns/beans, ... @slobberchops is a testament to this as we used to go for the Thursday special when we used to work together which consisted of an 8 item breakfast. which was a 'full English' as its known.


Last year I started with the intermittent fasting which meant no breakfast, .. it was difficult until I discovered bulletproof coffee, and then adapted it slightly to my own taste while keeping the basics .. now I have one of these either on the way to work or in the current situation of COVID, .. I have one just as I log on for the day at home in the morning.

here's the deal

MCT oil - medium-chain triglycerides, this is the part of the magic that keeps your brain fueled, ... there are good fats and there are bad fats, .. these are very good for you and are a purified form of coconut oil.

This is the one I use, .. nothing special just order from Amazon, I swap brands as they sometimes have it on their deals.

into the Nutrabullet pod.

coconut oil - I use it instead of butter, 1 teaspoon.

Cacao - (not cocoa),.... this stuff is a little bitter, don't be deceived by its looks, tastes nothing like Cadburys drinking chocolate or Hersheys if you were to have a spoonful, .. but in the coffee it makes it taste like a mocha. Cacao is made from the raw bean and is unprocessed so has the benefits of dark chocolate without the sugar.

collagen - 1 teaspoon (its good for your joints and skin)


coffee - straight from the bean to the cup. (no reason why filter or instant coffee can't be used)

bang it all in the Nutrabullet, .... 10 seconds should do it, and then straight into a cup, ... it froths up quite a bit so it takes more than a cup, .. more like a mason jar as in the picture.


This tastes great and I don't feel at all like I need to eat after it, you might be thinking that id probably took in enough calories with the Coconut oil and MCT, and you'd be right to a point, but for me, its a lot better than the 8 item full English which is full of carbs and fats. This is quite light on the carbs.

My first meal is in the afternoon which I also try to keep light on the carbs and then a meal at night as per normal. I even started pushing my first meal further out into the afternoon as I didn't really feel so hungry still and so found that I was less hungry in the evening.


I lost 10 kilos this way and gym workouts were a lot more intense, but the main thing I found is that it's sustainable, unlike starvation type diets.

If you are like me and enjoy food but need to keep one eye on the scales, give it a go, you might find it is the thing that works for you rather than diets which leave u feeling hungry and depressed and so have limited life and the yoyo effect. Let me know what you think?

BTW it won't work if you have the bulletproof coffee and also wolf down an 8 item breakfast,.. goes without saying but thought id mention it.

id like to mention that all the above could also be done by banging the ingredients into a protein shaker with the coffee and giving it a ruddy good shake. I'm just a bit of a coffee and smoothie fiend, so I already had the coffee maker and bullet.

Also, I may now ask @katharsisdrill the inventor of my Goblin avatar to update to the new 2020 version of the dude, .. one with pecs and abs, .... the same nose though ;-)

all the best from, ... 'look at my guns' Goblin.



This looks fucking magic!! I had heard of bulletproof coffee and tried it but I like your take on it. I'm off to Amazon to get some of that MCT stuff!!

hi @meesterboom, ... it's not that good, .. I'm not exactly Van-Dam build more like Van-Dam Buster. 😆

Haha, there were might share something!! ;0)

Cross-posted to the Natural Medicine Community. The full breakfast looks good to me, minus Sausages.., ugh...

Minus sausages!? Are you a BARBARIAN!?

Only like Richmond ones, the ones in that picture look like they have been wilting under the heating grill for hours.. look at the colour!.., ugh..

Haha, that's true! I don't mind a richmond one myself!

iv actually never had a sausage in my life, ... Richmond or otherwise 😃

Madness, you're missing out!

This is a very healthy mix! Collagen is great for the skin😍

I sometimes mix collagen in warm water and take with VitC. they work in synergy.

Oh interesting, thank you very much for the information, you are well documented about this😊

Great you are doing that!
I tried bullet proof coffee before and it DOES get your brain juice on steroids for the day. Even a shot like espresso would be more than enough for me (instead of my 2 mugs of waterred down coffee these days hahaha)

The thing is that with the extra virgin cold pressed oils it is supposed to be a lot safer and acceptable for the body; and instant coffee has other chemicals added, including preservatives; therefore brewed straight off the bean is much safer.

That's the part I know. Unfortunately at the time being this is a luxury for me. Let me convert my hive earnings and pay off most bills first haha.

ah OK, ... TBH I very rarely drink instant coffee, only if I'm on a customer site and they have nothing but vending machines I may have one. i wouldn't want anyone to discard this on the count of not having a coffee maker though, .. the MCT is indeed the ++ of the ingredients though ... Thanks

there are other ways like in Malaysia, we have brewed beans that are suitable for drip coffee.

Actually the part of bullet proof coffee is that in Malaysia, in the capital city of the State of Perak, Ipoh, used to brew the coffee with grass fed butter (during the olden days) and people have been taking "bulletproof coffee" (kind of drink) in Ipoh for a long time... haha... except they didn't know they shouldn't add other things like sugar and condensed milk into it.

For me, I try to go coffee free once a week; just to let the body detox off excessive instant coffee since my coffee machine died on me. haha.

coffee free every other week does sound like a good plan, .. for me though its part of my daily ritual. you might know that I trade markets from my other posts, ... for me 1 hour before to sit back with a coffee and make my mental decisions it crucial, ... I wouldn't like to make any compromises. coffee an in particular my morning bulletproof coffee gets me in the right frame of mind.

I use vitamin d3 in mct oil :)

ah OK, .. never tried that, .. I guess you use the drops of D3?, .. I pop the D3's separately later in the day with K2.

I’ll certainly be looking into this MCT oil, and I assume it could go into something like a protein drink - something I often have for breakfast.

10kgs is a good effort, well done there!

And as far as the new image... ah yes, the guns, I see them now!

hi @abh12345, ... iv heard of MCT's it being taken with protein shakes too, for me its the combination of the coffee also,... I do like my coffee in the morning, of course, coffee also has the caffeine so thermogenic effect which I'm sure helps further in the weight loss and feeling satiated. Yep Guns there coming on. lol 💪 (that emoji looks like a broken chicken leg!)

Somw real cool content. I am finding it so hard to diet any time i start, i go back to the old life and yes i accumulate belly fat.. may be i will improvise with your method.

Great suggestion

Thanks, .. it works for me, .. now if I stopped with the beer id be like a superhero, .. but hey, .. got to live a little 😃

Can't say I am a huge fan of coffee, but if it were me, I would be dumping a little bit of whisky in there. For medicinal reasons you know...

@bozz for medicinal purposes of course, ... although 7 am is a bit hardcore. 😄


So you break your intermitted fasting with bulletproof coffee? :D

I always wanted to try it, but I am slightly allegic to coconut :c
And also vegan now xD

hi @cwow2, .. I know what you mean, I don't use IF for cell autophagy, rather just to lose weight and not feel hungry.

But using it for cell autophagy is quite smart!

Coffees are generally bitter. But this looks good though. It's good not to always skip breakfast.

on weekends I relax, so yeah I have a lazy Sunday with a full normal breakfast, .. apparently, this is also good as 'cheat days'.

hahahaha...it's good though

You know I might just try this.

I've been cutting out breakfast several days of the week the last few months, and I do get very hungry around 11.00!

I'm a convert to two meals a day, it means I can have porridge for lunch and then just fish and veg and rice for dinner, so much easier than having actual lunch, lunch. Or lunch for dinner, I am partial to a sandwich.

D'you have it cold?

@tipu curate

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hi @revisesociology, .. no, it's hot I just stick it in that mason jar usually made for cold milkshakes because it froths up more than a mug full. give it a go.

Your worked with @slobberchops? please please please tell me it was at quicksave? I used to work at the one in Sheffield, and what a Shit job that was. lol.
I do fasting to bud with low carb, can only eat 20gs of carbs a day, I'm doing well up to now. I don't know how many carbs are in a protein shake, but I also wouldn't mind sipping it with butter in.

myself and @slobberchops have a long history, which doesn't go as far back as Kiwisave though, ...it's uncanny the number of times our lives have crossed paths though, .. we now work in the same industry of IT which is quite a niche so we end up on the same projects sometimes.

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Oh yes! MCT Bulletproof is THE BIZ!! Great decision!

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I also do IF, and when make bulletproof coffee from time to time. I don't put MCT though, only grass fed butter, unsweetened cocoa, a dash of cinnamon and Himalayan salt. That would sustain me until lunch already.

I do actually put a pinch of Himalayan salt in sometimes too, ... does quite a bit for the flavour and you need to keep your electrolytes up especially if you drink lots of water with it. MCT's are key for me though I find.

I blend unsalted grassfed butter every morning in witn my hot coffee. I love the taste.

I tried MCT oil but I find unrefined coconut oil just as good.

that's fine, .. whatever works, ... MCTs have some science behind them so I tried them and i liked the result.

Ah cool.. well if you like it keep doing it then.

I just read a summarize from Dave Asprey and I found this. For me, the ingredients of making bulletproof coffee are a bit expensive especially the butter. Besides, I tried and I don't really like how it taste. This post reminds me, I probably should get back into healthier lifestyle.

it's an option that worked for me as I like my food and I know that carbs do have a negative effect on me, ... weight and otherwise. let me know if you try it and what results in you feel, ... as iv said on a few replies MCTs are crucial to the mix.

WOW Ive never heard of this. thank you so much for sharing, ill be looking into this.