Loss of Taste



As I told you, I have been feeling kind of bad lately, you know aches and pains, sneezing, a dry cough and a runny nose. All of these are symptoms of a common cold and that is what I think I do have, but then yesterday I found I didn't have a sense of taste, everything just tested salty. Now this loss of taste is very much linked with COVID-19 so I figured I had caught this virus and was quite worried. So worried in fact that I hardly slept last night just thinking about this.

But somewhere around three am I all of a sudden remembered that yesterday morning I bought a cappuccino, something I hardly ever do as I am not a big coffee fan, but anyway this thing was scalding hot and on the first sip I burned my tongue (remember I am not used to drinking this) but that is the answer to my loss of taste. Today I have my taste back and am feeling good except for a runny nose. Good thing I remembered about that cappuccino.

I know you might ask why don't I better take a test and be sure I don't have COVID-19? Well as far as I have heard tests in this country are not working good, we have more positives than we should, way more in fact so I and most people have very little trust for the tests the government is conducting. But so far I think I have evaded it, if it is what I have I think I am getting out of it in better shape than Donald Trump.