At the ER today

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No fun for us

Last night while we were sleeping, Faith started to have some pretty bad abdominal pain. She toughed it out hoping that it would go away by this morning, but it was still there, so we decided we needed to head to the emergency room to make sure her appendix wasn’t exploding.

Right now she is getting some tests done and has been given some pain medicine, so she is a bit loopy. Hopefully they find something in these tests and they can take care of whatever it is that is giving her these problems. The appendix is pretty stupid and I guess you don’t need it. Hopefully they can just cut it out and throw it in the garbage so she can stop hurting.

Anyways, just wanted to let you all know what is going on in case you don’t hear from us for a few days. I will try and curate as I can though.

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Very sorry to hear about this, send our best wishes I hope they are able to solve the problem for her. @tipu curate

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Thanks man. She is doing a little better now.

Fingers crossed and wish her all the best!

Thank you

I just had an appendectomy, the pain is so severe that I vomited until my balls hurt. @darangedvisions
I hope your Mrs. recovers, it needs surgery and lots of monies :(

That sounds miserable. Sorry you had to go through that. It looks like it wasn't her appendix.

Sorry to hear that, Dude. Speedy recovery for her!

Thanks man, I appreciate it.

I hope they get it taken care of!
Speedy recovery to her.

Thanks Mike.

Oh, sorry this happened! Get well soon:)

Thank you.

Same thing happened to my mama on New Year’s Eve. Ended up not being appendix, but was instead kidney stones.

Hope whatever they find the docs will be able to fix her up quickly.

Thank you. It is looking like kidney stones as well.

Ugh... I had them once at 22. Worst pain of my life but 23 years later have mostly forgotten it now. Knowing how my mom looked in the ER just a few days ago, I know how scary it must have been for your guys too. Good news is the pain is excruciating, but passes.

Wishing your wife a speedy recovery.

I got mine removed when I was 14 years old. Started also having bad stomach aches and when the ambulance came they sent me straight under the knife. They said it was gonna explode at any moment.

Hope she will be fine soon enough!

That doesn't sound fun at all. Good thing they got it out in time and taken care of.

I wish her speedy recovery

Thank you.

Damn, @derangedvisions! We'll be thinking of you both. That's heavy. Hoping for a speedy recovery.

Thank you. I appreciate it. She is doing a bit better after she got some pain meds.

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Hope it was not appendicitis

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Very sorry to hear that! I hope she feels better soon and makes a speedy and complete recovery!


Damn Wes, hope she'll patch up real soon.

Prayers, for the both of you, are being sent.

I hope everything will be fine for you !
I wish you a speedy recovery

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