It's Open Again! The Big Gunpowder Trail To Pot Rocks!

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After being closed to the public for some time now, the Big Gunpowder Falls State Park Central Area in Baltimore County, Maryland has re-opened!


I'll be starting at the Big Gunpowder Trail and I'll be showing you some sights as we make our way to the Pot Rocks Area. It did rain the day before and there were lots of wet leaves along the trail so I had to be extra careful but there was so much to see and I'm excited to show you some photos from my visit.


One thing that I did see lots of and was thrilled about it were the mushrooms!



We did have to cross over a few little creek areas so it helped that the water was low in some of those areas despite having rain the day before.


There are a lot of rocks and boulders in this area but this isn't quite at the Pot Rocks Area yet.



I mostly heard the geese as they flew over but I did capture a few in the water along with a Great Blue Heron.



We still had to travel along the trail a bit to get to the Pot Rocks but I didn't mind at all as there was lots to see along the way and it was pretty the way the sunlight hit the trail in spots and even though the trees did not have much in the way of Autumn colors yet they were still pretty and since it was a little windy it was even more pretty to see the leaves drifting down when the wind blew.


Hmmm ... this one or should I say two trees were a little "sketchy" looking so I hurried my way past them!


I only saw a few flowers along the trail but the ferns I saw made up for that as they were even more beautiful with the sunlight shining on them.


This was a big surprise for me and I spotted it right before we got to the Pot Rocks Area. This is my first time seeing the Chicken Of The Woods mushroom and what a beautiful specimen!


Once I saw these huge boulders to my right then I knew we had reached the Pot Rocks Area.


We could almost cross the entire Gunpowder Falls river here!



Here are some of the "pot marks" in the rocks and is why this area is called Pot Rocks. The pot marks were formed a very long time ago by the water eroding the rock away. I've seen this in some other areas along the water here as well but no where near as pronounced as in this particular area and is why it is named Pot Rocks.



We spent about thirty minutes at the Pot Rocks Area when right around this time I got that weird trembly feeling that I get sometimes where it feels like my legs could give out on me at any time. Of course, I was still out on the rocks and halfway across the river so I sat down on the rocks for a few minutes before working my way over to the trail. Now I just had to make my way back and it took everything I had but I still managed to take a few photos on the way back.



Including more of the Chicken Of The Woods mushroom! I'll tell you right now that on the way back I did cut two pieces off as I've never had them before and thought to myself that I may never have the chance to try them again. I'll be telling you all about that in another post though.


One thing is for sure and that is that stopping for a minute or two to snap a couple of pics did take my mind off of wondering if I was gonna' make it back at all Just look at this tree in my way! Yep ... gotta' take a picture of that!


Oh yes, and this view is so pretty!


Well, I did finally make it back to the parking lot and even though the ending wasn't exactly how I had planned, I would totally make another visit! I think my next visit though will be to take the trail under the tunnel. I think the last time I did that trail was in 2017. I'll be sure to get lots of photos for that visit also so I can show off that part of the trail and maybe I will catch some Autumn colors on the trees there.


I still have lots of photos from this visit to show off as well so I'll be sprinkling some here and there in different posts. Thanks for joining me on this visit on the Big Gunpowder Trail to the Pot Rocks Area and back again! 💖



Thank you @shasta for #bouldersunday and everyone at #haveyoubeenhere!!
All photos and text by me @deerjay. All rights reserved.



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Some very nice pictures and views. My favorite of them all was the very first one of the creek/stream. It will be nice to see the Fall color one later. Our Fall is pretty much done.

Thank you very much @bashadow!! I think that is one of my favorites also. I hope you got to see some Fall colors there. Almost every year here it seems that we have a lot of rain and or wind around the time the colors come in but I'm sure gonna try to see some if I can and of course take lots of photos. Wishing you a beautiful week!! 💖

We did get some fall color pictures, but it does not last long at all. The peak was between Sep 25th and October 5th, so we did get out on a couple of drives for snapshots.

I feel like it doesn't last long in many places but I think probably even more so in AK. I just saw your recent post photo and it is just gorgeous! 😊

I’m happy to see the big gunpowder Trail opened Dee and the landscape photos. Wonderful capture of the fungi, pot rocks, blue heron and geese.💞

Have a great week!

I send a tip through peakd.

Thanks so much Jo!! It was a gorgeous walk with lots of surprises, I'm so glad I got to walk the trail when I did. It's been a good year to see the Herons and this is the first year of seeing and photographing them (for me) while at the Gunpowder Falls. I hope you have a wonderful week as well! 💕
Thanks Jo! I tried to send a tip to someone and screwed it up but I think I eventually sent it correctly. I will have to try it again but I will be glad if and when we can go back to doing it the other way. Since the fork, I've been having problems on all of the platforms. Some of my photos on this post would only show up on one platform but I finally got all but one of them to load and show up on all of them. As I always say though, some of the problems could always be "operator error" 🤔🙂

I screwed up my tips at first through Peakd but now I’ve got it figured out...I think :)

The platforms still haven’t smoothed out since the HF but they will eventually get back to form.. Every comment says error but I think it is going through.❤️

Hi @deerjay, these are some wonderful images. I wish I lived near enough to such a park; I would be able to get a lot more exercise than I do now.
I just can't seem to get enjoyment or inspiration from walking around my block. BOring! 😅
There is a 'trail head' not far from here, where it was originally a railroad, that has had the rails and ties pulled out, the bed paved over to make a walking/biking path. It is quite nice. I haven't been there in many years, but I need to get back.

I used to hike around the Catalina Mountains outside of Tucson Az. I saw lots of those "Pot Holes" in stream bed, never got a satisfactory explanation for that.

Thank you very much @jerrysuseer!! I don't blame you, I don't think I've attempted a walk around my block in months.
That sounds like it would be a nice place to walk. Usually the non-paved surfaces are easier on my feet which I have a problem with but I still give it a try when I can. I hope you are able to visit your 'trail head' soon though. I'm sure it would be more enjoyable than a walk around the block although nothing wrong with that either. 😉
I bet it was beautiful there in the Mountains! Whenever I see the pot marks I'm still amazed that they were formed by currents and swirling of the water. That is how it was explained to me but some of them are so perfectly round that I do find myself questioning the explanation a bit. 🙂

Yes, that is what I was told. The "pots" always have sand and small stones, which they said were swirled around by the eddy's and currents, which drilled out the holes.
What started them, I wonder? A hole wouldn't begin in smooth flat granite without some sort of divot or softer rock in the place I think.
If I go to the "Silver Comet Trail" anytime soon, I'll get pics and share here if I can remember @deerjay

Such a gorgeous place to walk @deerjay! I bet it smells real
nice also and lovely sounds! Wow those holes, some look so
perfect like made by man long ago or woman lol
Beautiful photos! I'm glad you made it back off them, look
like real ankle breakers! Awesome birds and mushrooms too!
Your river has so many wonderful things! :-)

Thank you so much @shasta!! It was beautiful and serene. I felt the same about some of those pot marks cause some looked so perfectly round like you said. I wanted to go back last Wednesday after voting but it was way too wet and too far for me so I went someplace else or more like two other spots but didn't go far on either one. Was still very nice and I caught just a few Autumn colors before the rain and the wind returned and took a lot away but that is typical for around here. Take care and have a great weekend! 💕