Hashkings Updates - Inventory upgrades including joints?

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Over the last month Hashkings has added several new features and bug fixes. You can now pollinate your plants, grow buds or create new strains!

Upcoming Features

This next update is very exciting and comes loaded with brand new features. As you can see in the screenshot of the database, users now have multiple types of items and data that is being tracked.

This information is available by accessing our open API, but I have never fully given a good explanation on it and since I have just added a whole list of items I figured this would be a good time to go over them.


- addrs = list of your plot id's 
- seeds = list of all of your seeds
- pollen = list of all of your pollen
- buds = list of all of your buds
- breeder = this is your user defined farm/farmer name
- farmer = type of farmer displayed in your profile
- alliance = this is the alliance you are part of
- friends = list of all of your friends
- inv = inventory
    - seeds/pollen/buds 
        - *see above
    - kief = list of all of your kief
    - bubblehash = list of all of your bubblehash
    - oil = list of all of your oil
    - edibles = list of all of your edibles
    - consumables = items shared with friends in a smoke circle
        - joints = list of all of your joints
        - blunts = list of all of your blunts
        - moonrocks = list of all of your moonrocks
        - dippedjoints =  list of all of your dipped joints
        - cannagars = list of all of your cannagars
    - tools = items used to make edibles and different types of hash
    - kiefbox = number of kief boxes available
    - vacoven = number of vacovens available
    - bubblebags = number of bubble bags available
    - browniemix = amount of brownie mix available


As you can see there are many lists of items you can own within Hashkings. I have already written about seeds, pollen and buds and will only touch on the buds for this update. If you want to learn more about pollen and seeds please visit this post.


One thing users have always asked for are buds but I have never found a good use case for them until now. With seeds and pollen its fairly obvious what they are used for but what are buds used for?

In the coming update buds will be used to make a number of the items in the list above. Once crafted you'll be able to share your joints/blunts/moonrocks/edibles/dipped joints and cannagars with your friends and everyone will earn XP!


Once Hashkings is upgraded you will be able to choose a name for you farm/farmer and choose a farmer type. There will be 6 characters to choose from to begin with and more to be added in the future. Alliances and friends are also being added. You'll be able to add anyone who plays the game to your friends list and enjoy your buds with them. Users will also be able to join or create an alliances.

kief/bubble hash/oil/edibles and consumables

So what can we do with the buds? Users can can obtain kief using a kief box. Bubblehash is crafted by using buds and bubble bags. Oil is made with a vac oven and edibles are made with brownie mix. Each one of these items has a specific purpose and combined with each other make unique items which when shared with friends earn each one of you XP!

joints/blunts/moonrocks/dipped joints/cannagars

These are all the types of consumables you craft using the items created using your buds. Each one of them comes with different amounts of XP and has a limit of how many users it can be shared with.

ItemsUser XPShared XP# of Users
Dipped Joints100205

Here you can see a breakdown of each of the consumables. For example, moon rocks earn the user who created them 15 XP can be shared with 3 users and earns each of them 5 XP.

Once this update is launched I will write a tutorial on how to craft each one of them and the items and XP Level required.

Thanks for reading, I really appreciate your time and would love to earn your upvote and follow!!

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@vcdragon was kind enough to make a video tutorial for Hashkings. Please check it out on youtube.

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Nice, lot's of cool things coming!


Thanks! Invite some folks and I'll send you a free seed for every user that joins and tells me you sent them.

Nice! Will do ;)

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great post and update

Thanks! Invite some folks and I'll send you a free seed for every user that joins and tells me you sent them.

So fucking dope!!!!!

It's come a long ways man! Appreciate your support!!!

My last 3 seeds disappeared after I planted them can you please fix my plots or give me my seeds back. This is theft you can verify I did buy the seeds with block chain transactions then after I planted them all my active plots changed to available plots after a day and I lost all the seeds

Easy on the accusations of theft. Hashkings is in beta and more than likely this is a glitch and with the RPC nodes acting up because of the Tron situation it causing some issues. I'll get you squared away.

Ok you are all set. :)

Thank you I was not accusing you of stealing I was saying if you did not fix the problem that would be theft I paid real money for a virtual asset that disappeared because of something that wasn't caused by me so I knew it was most likely a glitch or an intentional feature of a possible Ponzi scheme and you should assume everything is a Ponzi scheme because that is how this broken society is set up and there have been so many in cryptocurrency. Then when I tried to contact you to try to get the glitch resolved using hk stream because I thought that was the steemit page I got no response so I assumed it was a scam. Now I'm thinking it was probably a glitch. Thank you for fixing it I got both my plots and a seed back.

Let me know if it all looks correct. If not just let me know and I'll make sure it is.

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I harvested a seed yesterday(Not 100% sure if its been 24h), but I see haven't gotten any new or any so called "reward" :D
Should I just wait?