Hashkings Updates and Overview

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We keep Evolving

We have added a few sections in order to make our cannabis management interface even more fun!

The Community Section Now Includes:

Our Market Section Includes:

The Main Menu also includes a Projects Section

Please take a minute to browse this section for some really cool projects on the STEEM and Tron Blockchain.


Hashkings Official Links

Hashkings Web App

Hashkings Discord

Hashkings STEEM Account


STEEM Community Showcase

We love community and the Canna-Curate Server has the most knowledgeable growers and smokers on the Blockchain. Stop by and stay a while, spark up a bowl and chat with some of the members.

canna-curate | The #1 Cannabis Curation Trail on STEEM

Read what our farmers have to say here and please don't hesitate to reach out in the comments below!

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Still cant water my crops. I can select the crops and push water, but nothing happens for almost a week.

So sorry about that. We are having some issues with steemconnect. Is it possible for you to use steem keychain go water? Also, please join us in the Hashkings discord so I can help quicker. Link above.

@chunkysoupsvc go ahead and water now you will see the transaction appear on steemd. Sorry for the delay but all is well now!

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