I hope you have a month full of happiness.

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Today like other days I will continue trying to be better and smiling I will do things with love

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Steemiant friends

I wish you all a happy start to the month where we celebrate Christmas, although it is true that it is a month to celebrate happiness, I must comment that to celebrate happiness and wish happiness to others, first I have to be happy and feel happiness In my home in my family and in everything I undertake, in this way I can wish happiness to all those around me, and to all those I do not know but are close to me.
To all who are there, anywhere in the world and in this ocean of opportunities within Steem.

This world needs a lot of happiness individually. so that later it becomes a collective happiness, it sounds difficult but I know it. If it can be achieved, with good deeds I can bring joy to our hearts, we can shake hands without any difference.

When we are happy you can radiate that happiness and it is very contagious for your own good and for all the people who receive it.

One particular way that I find to be happy is to be inspired by phrases that fill you with happiness in my case from a very young age or from the first time I heard the lyrics of a song by Mexican singer-songwriter Juan Gabriel, I feel that life is very beautiful From the moment I wake up and see the sun, it fills me with energy and happiness knowing that it is a new day I open my eyes and from that moment I begin to enjoy the good things that life has.

Every morning that comes through my window Mr. Sun
I thank God for another day
today like other days I will keep trying to be better
and smiling I will do things with love

Good morning joy
Good morning love
Good morning to life
Good morning sir sun
By Juan Gabriel

Happiness is something that is not bought, it is not money, it is not food or material things, happiness is invisible but it is within one within a heart full of love for his life and for his family.

I wish you a world of happiness that is proportional to your desire to be happy to radiate that happiness and to give happiness to everyone around you.

Today like other days I will continue trying to be better and smiling I will do things with love

Image by @skeptic

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