Every Image Has Its Haiku- Edition #41 My Entry

in haikucontest •  3 months ago 

Seeming Joyful;

Colorful bright lights

Screaming regret

The Contest: https://steemit.com/haikucontest/@bananafish/mizu-no-oto-every-image-has-its-haiku-edition-41-english

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A night of excess perhaps? Consequences from that excess?
Ah, regret. Do I know that well.
I hope this is more imagined than autobiographical :)
A striking, startling haiku.

I find this interpretation original and a clear example of haiku as a circle, being perfect only when resulting from the participation of both the haijin and the reader - f3n

Thank you for expanding my understanding of haiku. I love the this poetry form because it is so accessible. And the way it is presented here, in your contest, so inviting. Everyone is welcome. Everyone is appreciated. I'll always try to support the writers.
Hope you are well and peaceful with Mrs. f3nix :)

Your haiku gives me a strong sense of contrast between the empty calm of the photo and the interior in turmoil that you wanted to express in the last verse

Many Thanks

@sarez You transmitted an air of hope in your haiku sense. I congratulate you.

Good haiku, @sarez! I sense a strong "Yūgen" accompanied by "Mono no aware". A conscious empathy that although it may seem one thing, it is rather another and everything is conjugated with a serene elegance.

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