Scent the Summer Tide, Haiku and Monochrome Monday Photography

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Scent the Summer Tide

IMG_7879 (3).jpg

IMG_7879 (2).jpg

unfolding rose blooms
under a seasonal pull
scents the summer tide

IMG_7878 (1).jpg

Monochrome Monday gives a steemian a chance to revisist earlier photos and perhaps work some black and white magic, or maybe just make a mess of a perfectly good color shot. Too much detail doesn't always translate to monochrome or too little contrast. Certain colors fall flat.



Red has a tendency to become lifeless. Pink however seemed to do just fine with these dogwood blooms.

Of course you can't go wrong with black and white with black and white photography. Go figure but checkerboards never take a bad photo, yet me in checks never works. Life is fully of irony but irony is only ever delightful if it tickles you pink.



All photos are my own.


Beautiful, and I really like how you laid this blog out! Very aesthetically pleasing.

Thanks, Dan:) So nice to have you pop in:)

Wow, its really nice monochrome Monday photography.

Thank you, Kam:)

Cool Mono shots, but what's really fun is reading your post it cannot help but make one smile :)_

Thank you, JJ. And that made me smile:)

Most welcome and I am glad

I love the comparison of the BW and color, particularly in the last two. Amazes me to non end how different a feel and look color and BW have, of the same image. One of the joyous oddities of life and the visual cortex taking it in.
When I read your title, I immediately was taken to Florida, and the smell of the ocean as it rolls in. The morning is the strongest. Thanks for the olfactory 'take me back'. Cheers on a Tuesday in June.

Thank you, DD:) I know what you mean. Some days the ocean smells so good. I think it might be linked diatom blooms. You know those little guys that make all our oxygen:) I gotta stick my head out the windor more often. LOL.

Is this oxygen thing important? I LOVE that smell. So organic. The tropics and the NW ocean are different, and each has their own smell, but both are equally divine. And living miles inland from it, I'm always amazed when I get out of the car, and it hits me like passing through a huge wall of olfactory jello. Only a GOOD smell. Rot and diatoms and fish and sand and ocean bloom. Oh, the joy. Can you smell it from your window? You are lucky. So get that head out more often, and your brain will appreciate it. Cheers

On some days, yes. It is a windy day today and so the surf is strong and so is the smell:)

Lovely monochrome photos.Pryde. Always enjoy your Haiku. 😊

Thank you, Jo:)

Well tickle me pink you done a great job no complaints from :)

Thanks, Hangin:):):)

Your welcome my friend :)

Pfft cannot believe you are old enough to have even heard of the term "tickled pink" OMG lol.