Hold a Prism's End, Haiku and Beautiful and Sublime Sunday.

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Hold a Prism's End

IMG_8072 (2).jpg

IMG_8070 (2).jpg

orchids in a bag
iridescence​ in plastic
hold a prism's end

indigo petals
suspended in a live web
dark matter and string


IMG_7817 (1).jpg

It's Sunday the most beautiful and sublime day here on the #steem blockchain, a chance to post some gorgeousness. It is also purple photography day for those who partake in #colorphotography but why not honor the full weekend of color, blue, indigo, and purple. And let's throw green in there for good measure.

A shoutout and thank-you to our two hosts for the day, @coff33a for #beautifulsunday and @ace108 for #sublimesunday.

IMG_7816 (2).jpg

IMG_8076 (2).jpg

All photos are my own


Lovely photos for a sublime and beautiful sunday!

Thank you, Violet:)

Totally beautiful, dear Pryde. Happy Sunday of colors.

Thank you, Zeliera:)

You should let us see what's a round the flowers sometimes. :-)

Thank you, Ace:)

You're welcome.

Oh, that last photo is simply sublime! Oh, dash it, woman! They are all gorgeous, but, that one wants to come home with me.

Wait, I forgot about the orchids!

Your flower shots are absolutely stunning! Paired up with a little haiku or two and you have just made my day!

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Thank you, Denise:) Love when I see you smiling face in my comment feed:) A girl can't help but smile in return:)

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How beautiful it looks like we both had the same idea in making it a colorful Sunday....lol :)

Thank you, hangin:)

Your welcome my friend :)

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Ha. Thanks, Ross:)

You're welcome!

Those first flowers are completely cosmic, how DID you do that? You of course should not answer, as it gives away your secret. But I still am amazed. Plastic bag photos? The second one looks SO alien-ic. Though it really should be spelled Alian-ic. But then who would know what I was talking about. Sort of like now ( :

The last photo almost looks old fashioned, with a very muted 'look'. Enjoyed the haiku's as well, always match the photos so well. Cheers and hoping it's not too hot.

Thanks, DD:) It took a long time to edit that is for sure. There was even some airbrushing involved. LOL. But yeah, they were on sale at the store and wrapped in plastic. Getting the best definition and sharpness without it looking like a painting is challenging. For the last one, I just let it get fanciful. Flowers are pretty forgiving:)

Simply gorgeous! 😘

Thank you, Melinda:)

Oooh those orchids are stunning, incredible colours I love them. You really got some great flower photos this week - supremely #sublimesunday

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Thanks so much, @c0ff33a:)

Beautiful and vibrant. Definitely sublime!

Thank you, Kunschj:)

Of course! You're very welcome.