Beauty From Another World, Haiku and Market Friday w/ dswigle

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Beauty From Another World

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magenta orchid
beauty from another world
buds sense the future




I think you can tell a lot about a shop the moment you enter its door, even before. Do they greet you with beauty and order or is it a jumble of whatever is in stock? Most places are busy and under staffed and the looks of things are usually the last item on the to-do list. But it sure is nice when it is to the contrary. Our downtown Urbanfare shops definitely understand curb appeal and it is almost always a pleasure to browse about.


Flowers greet you. A bright and colorful produce department cheer you on.

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Fresh and local strawberries are super abundant and super sweet and delicious this year. All that is needed to go with is some whip cream and something sparkly. You can keep the sponge cake. That stuff tastes like ... well ... sponge. Why has no one else noticed? Too polite to complain, I guess.



They have an incredibly well-stocked fruit and veg department with great selection from just about everywhere. They charge a price to go with the looks and choice, but a short walk over to their restaurant often offers the same food prepared and at a fraction of the cost. Go figure. They'll cook for you cheaper than you can cook for yourself. Crazy times.


A big thank you to the amazing @dswigle for hosting #marketfriday:):):)
All photos are my own.


You had my attention with haiku and orchids! :) Enjoy your post!

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They aren't the only ones that will cook it cheaper than you can buy it AND cook it.I have never been able to figure that one out. When you do, can you please alert the press or something?

Makes no sense to me!

What a wonderfully welcoming place this is, the entryway immediately makes you feel good about choosing to come here. If I am going to buy my food, I will pay a little bit more to have it be premium or of better quality, If I am able. I have to think that I am worth it.

I want to thank you for posting into the challenge and for always coming up with beautiful photos coupling it with lovely haikus. Very muchly appreciated. As always, I wish you a wonderful weekend.

Upped and Steemed


Thanks so much, Denise:) So glad you enjoyed the post:)

Always and forever. You are as addictive as @ddschteinn! That is saying something!

I take that a true compliment. He has been strangely absent these last few days. Where in the world is @ddschteinn

You're the master of red now :)

You think:)

Love a wicker basket full of fruit. No fruit condoms for me thankyou

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LOL. What is fruit condom?

It's my own name for when they pointlessly wrap fruit in plastic at supermarkets.

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Your photos have become very beautiful.
I also like the haiku very much.
The shop has a very good offer.
Thank you for your interesting article.

Thank you, chruusel:)

What a cool post and market, such nice fresh and beautiful produce, and yes I agree with the entrance to a shop has a big impact on me, some are welcoming and make you want to go in and look around, others I look at the entrance and see a cluttered mess and just want to move on

Thank you, JJ. Yes. I think people underestimate how a place can make one feel.

Most welcome and yes I do agree so few don’t realize that either

Those strawberries look delicious. I have visions of strawberry shortcake with loads ow whipped cream. Orchids are beautiful!

Thank you, Jo. Enjoy your summer treat:)

Everything looks so vibrant and oh I can almost taste those strawberries.

Thank you, sunscape. They are particularily delicious this year:)