A Simple Wavelength, Haiku and Monochrome Monday w/ old-guy-photos

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A Simple Wavelength

IMG_8124 (3).jpg

a field of daisies
monochromed or solar flared
pure resonation

IMG_8124 (4).jpg

IMG_8124 (2).jpg

IMG_8123 (3).jpg

IMG_8123 (4).jpg

monochromed daisies
on a windy Monday, note
a simple wavelength

IMG_8123 (2).jpg

Thank you to @old-guy-photos for hosting #monochromemonday.

All photos are my own


Lovely photos and poem too!

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Thank you, Felt Buzz:)

Such cool shots and how you come up with so many Haikus for your posts is really impressive

Thank you, JJ. Clear the mind and let them enter. It is a meditative process:)

That could be the problem I am not sure my mind is ever clear it’s always running at full speed so much ch so I used to sleep with a pen and paper by my bed and would often wake to small notes I guess to myself that I had no memory of writing lol

Love that process too. I think I miss out on a lot not recording my dreams:)

Me to I had real weird dreams last night I only remember clearly the last one the others faded away

Who could refuse you
Splendor reaching out, barely
Glorified by mono

Always wonderful, words and photos. They speak so well. xoxo


Ah:) Love that you answered in haiku. That is fantastic:)

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Nice words and poems but I want to say nice formatting! I used to do some of that too. Canva also has some easy to use tools for free.

Thank you, Paul. I use the markup code for most of the formatting. HTML code seems to work too. I will often format my photos the night before and then write the post the next day. It does add a level of artistry to how things sit on the page. You can tell a third story, so to speak.