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RE: Hold a Prism's End, Haiku and Beautiful and Sublime Sunday.

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Those first flowers are completely cosmic, how DID you do that? You of course should not answer, as it gives away your secret. But I still am amazed. Plastic bag photos? The second one looks SO alien-ic. Though it really should be spelled Alian-ic. But then who would know what I was talking about. Sort of like now ( :

The last photo almost looks old fashioned, with a very muted 'look'. Enjoyed the haiku's as well, always match the photos so well. Cheers and hoping it's not too hot.


Thanks, DD:) It took a long time to edit that is for sure. There was even some airbrushing involved. LOL. But yeah, they were on sale at the store and wrapped in plastic. Getting the best definition and sharpness without it looking like a painting is challenging. For the last one, I just let it get fanciful. Flowers are pretty forgiving:)