Only 6 Hours left to get your submissions in for the STEMGeek's Hackathon

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Please read the original post for full details.

Just over 6 hours left to submit your entries for the hackathon. Your entry must be submitted to the #hackathon-entries channel on the STEMGeek's Discord to be accepted. After the deadline, I will be unable to accept entries.

So far we have ten entries with more coming as the deadline approaches.

You can see the up to the second deadline counter here.

Make sure you read all the rules before finalizing your entry.

Over 12,000 Hive on the line!

Don't forget to check out the Hive Hackathon Website.

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Great submissions so far! I believe I have my favorite 3 so far. Still 6 hours for anyone with red bull to hack something together😃

I just want to say, I MISS YOU bro!!! 😁 Soon to join to your hackathon... ☺️

Hi @themarkymark. Thanks for mentioning LastingType!

Was a little worried when there were only 3... but this is nice that there are 10 hope there are a few more by the end of the day. Great job putting it on.

I suspected many would wait for the last minute before revealing. Also suspected many would procrastinate until the last minute. Looks like there was 13-14 total entries.

Oh i didn't look at the time of your post ... it's over now haha.
Anyway good job

that's a pretty frickin good turnout for a short contest with little prep. Even in your normal hackathon's you know the date it's coming up, even if you don't know what you're doing so it will be cool to see a second hackathon with a bit more buzz surrounding it. I know I'll be sharpening up my coding skills so that I can become a participant.

Awesome! I'm glad to see you got some decent participation.

Can’t even get the name of my project right? I expected better of you marky.

Just fixed it, just added it in as it was the last entry I didn't have in my post. At the time it wasn't a complete entry so I need to review timelines.

Complete entry?

Didn't you initially put up a partial post initially?

I'll be honest, I purposely avoided reading all entry posts until after the competition when I started judging. I just grabbed them from the channel and put them on the list. I am now starting to read them and go through each of the 14 entries.

If I remember correctly, you submitted a smaller post initially, then filled it in later. It might have been a different entry, as I said I haven't reviewed any of them yet.

That wasn’t me. Only edit I did to my post was after I created a hackathon fork on the GitHub so you can have a state of frozen code. Just added link in for that.