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RE: STEMGeeks Hackathon Results

in #hackathon8 months ago

What a great honor, thanks to @themarkymark and all of those people who contributed to the price-pool!

Since only the top 3 entries were qualified for the price pool, I've decided to share a part from mine with all entries who didn't make it into the top tier, so check your wallets 😀. I really like to see people keep development going, together we will make HIVE a better place!

Just a suggestion:
Me and maybe a lot of other people would support a proposal in order to fund this kind of event on a regular basis. So maybe the next STEMGeeks Hackathon could be self-funded, if you consider this.


Congratulations for winning the top spot. Thank you so much for sending me money. It is really inspiring and I hope I can improve myself.

just wanna say thanks for sharing the prize.
that was very generous of you.
will try to use them wisely
thanks again

Congratz @roomservice and every other participant :)

Thanks dude, that is really most generous! Congrats on the win!