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RE: Only 6 Hours left to get your submissions in for the STEMGeek's Hackathon

in #hackathon8 months ago

Can’t even get the name of my project right? I expected better of you marky.


Just fixed it, just added it in as it was the last entry I didn't have in my post. At the time it wasn't a complete entry so I need to review timelines.

Complete entry?

Didn't you initially put up a partial post initially?

I'll be honest, I purposely avoided reading all entry posts until after the competition when I started judging. I just grabbed them from the channel and put them on the list. I am now starting to read them and go through each of the 14 entries.

If I remember correctly, you submitted a smaller post initially, then filled it in later. It might have been a different entry, as I said I haven't reviewed any of them yet.

That wasn’t me. Only edit I did to my post was after I created a hackathon fork on the GitHub so you can have a state of frozen code. Just added link in for that.