Cook for a week with €20,= week 9.5 year screenshot

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Welcome to my day to day struggle with my weekly budged of 20 euro. It is monday today so it is time to eat something special.

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To follow the example of @brittandjosie I have a screenshot of the beginning of the year. We shall see what time will bring.

Also a tip.... eat with family like me today.
I ate good but the talks were fine also. It was so good to see everyone again. All the talks and me fighting for my life in my own for steem and Bitcoin. They simple said yeah it has no function someone has to pay too eat again so this will not stand a few are controlling the whole chain of that few sell all their coins crypto is dead like you saw at the beginning of this year. This is the mind of the normal man the people who go to work every day has a family and just said ok what is it worth? Really? Stock he said is backed by money and a corporation. Bitcoin is much too agile not stable enough and when it was at 20.000 a transaction costed 26euro so crypto is not better then fiat only worse and everyone who was in crypto lost.

My idea about this is ok steem is a good project I see in steem the Microsoft stock the face book when it just began. If you get in when everyone is crazy about it you are too late. Then came food on the table and I was on hearing stories again from the old days. I will make accounts for them. So if they want to join in when the time is right they can just step in with a big fat account. Or just step in right now because I give them the logins after I juiced them up a little.

When I came home I got a today I bought a TOSTI iron. Finally yeah finally.
@wakeupkitty came also with the idea to make TOSTI'S soups here I am making a TOSTI.

Do you have tips to save money leave a comment and help everyone live and live good on 20,= a week.


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So you have your tosti iron 😀
Try to get something for free daily. Coffee/tea at the supermarket for example. There are sites/apps where you can get food for free but also other stuff.
Make a list on what you spend your money, what is most expensive. Washingpowder for example is and all the stuff you use to clean the house (make it yourself, use vinegar, etc). Eat leftovers. Vegetables you can use in a soup or for a salad or... on a fried egg, pancake.

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yeah there are lots of websites you can get stuff for free. I will make a list of them also i will make the soup saturday (cheap power)

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Lekker goed begin van 19😉