Spooky Hotel

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This is supposed to be one of the most prestigious hotels in Greece, the Grande Bretagne.

Located in the center of Athens, it was built in 1842.

Even if it was renovated quite recently, when you see the pics in black and white, you get the feeling that it is haunted!!!

Imagine if the lights go out suddenly and you walk on the long, dark corridor...

Pretty spooky!!!





Even the roof garden is haunted. Look what it did to my photo!

Optimized-stan9IMG_20180503_205632 (1).jpg

Good thing you stepped into the light. Who knows what is lurking in the dark up there! :P

Trust me. You wouldn't want to know.

Very nice!

thanks a lot!

If it will help highlight the sense of time....when I was brought to Greece from Africa (Tanganyika), for school, at 12 years old, our first night we stayed in this hotel. Never been back since then.

At 12...that is now roughly 64 years ago

Would you like an interesting story...not about the hotel, but about something that happened there?

Anybody remember Kojak (the bald detective guy film star)?

When he came to Greece, his luggage was carried to his room and he tipped the man.....that man was his father.

He was a multi-millionaire, but he could not give his father a small pension so that he does not need to work. So, the story became public, the father was interviewed and from Kojak being loved (because he was Greek and the Greeks thought that his fame makes all Greeks look good?), suddenly he was not loved and nobody wanted to appear with him, so he left Greece (if I recall the facts correctly - it happened a long, long time ago).

I do not know the story.... Αν και δεν το ξέρω αυτό το όνομα πραγματικά είναι απίστευτο!!!

Kojak eitan to onoma tou haraktira pou epeze. To diko tou onoka einai Telly Savalas

Ean thes na pareis idea, ehoun sto YT episodeia:

O Tellis pethane apo karkino (sto prostati)

To onoma auto Kati mou leei... Tha to psaksw....

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