Humans... Easy to please...

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Give them a nice, sandy beach, a clear shore and a lot of sun and they will be happy!

Might not last forever, but at least they will have a good time, without worrying much. Even for a couple of hours.

These are my cousins, enjoying themselves on the beach. No matter the troubles of the daily routine, they had fun and relaxed a bit by the sea.


From: The Urban Dictionary:

kissing cousin
A "kissing cousin" is any cousin that is not a first cousin. In most places in the world, first cousins may not have sex and have babies. But, in most cultures second cousins, and higher can have sex and babies. Degree of cousinship is determined by how many generations the shared ancestor is removed from the individual closest to the generation of the shared ancestor.

If we share the same grandparent we are first cousins, and therefore should avoid physical encounters with each other which might lead to sex. First cousins are NOT "kissing cousins."

If we share the same great grandparent we are second cousins and are therefore able to kiss and do whatever we want, including having sex, and have babies together.

(-: Το Α - Ω της τρέλλας :-)

Elvis Presley also made a movie called "Kissin' Cousin"

Οι νέοι "Ευρωπαίοι " που έρχονται από την Ανατολή έχουν τις αντίθετες πεποιθήσεις μου φαίνεται. Μόνο σεξ και μωρά με πρώτα ξαδέρφια.

lol - fantazome oti ennoouses oti einai ksadelfia epeidi einai pantremenoi, alla to egrapses etsi gia na mou doseis tin efkairia na gelaso (na se peirakso) ligaki.


Χαχα θα παντρευτούν τον επόμενο μήνα.... Εγώ είπα και στους δύο πόσο μεγάλο λάθος είναι αλλά ο καθένας κάνει αυτό που θέλει. :)
πιστεύω δύο άνθρωποι αν μείνουνε μαζί κάνουν παιδιά και ζουν σαν παντρεμένοι χωρίς να κάνουν την πράξη του γάμου θα ζήσουν πολύ καλύτερα και πιο ευτυχισμένα...
Παρατηρώ δίπλα μου ότι μετά το γάμο αλλάζουν τα πάντα τίποτα προς το καλύτερο αλλά προς το χειρότερο....