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My Steem family consists of many people. Far too many to list here. Why do I say family and not friends. Because unlike FB and the others we have real, actual interactions here that lead to long lasting loving relationships. Of the many a few are @davemccoy, @abh12345, @simplymike, @sparkesy43, @nrnightmare89, @chrismadcboy2016, @joseacabrerav, and the list could go on for a long while.(You great friends are also being tagged to showed your gratitude for Steem.😁)


At the beginning of my adventure with Steem just over a year ago, I decided I would put 10% of all my rewards into what we dubbed "The Steemit Jar." Sure...the first few months my jar stayed close to empty. But once I found my niche and discovered how to effectively post to draw followers, I had a hard time keeping enough change to put in the jar. From the picture below, you can see how close I am to having it filled.(At which time, I'll buy more Steem and power up.)


STEEMDOM(Steem and freedom combined)

I found Steemit through Dtube after being banned from youtube.(Funny name considering "you" actually have no true control over your account.) I also found a place that allowed true freedom of speech and expression. And noone can ban you or eliminate your account because you own it. I also found loving communities of real, caring people. I have also been able to learn a lot about the world...and about myself. There are so many aspects of the whole Steem experience, it's hard to list them all.

GAMES GAMES AND MORE GAMES that reward you to play!

That's right, whether you dream of being a street level thug, a summoner of amazing beasts, or an adventurer of our unverse, Steem has so many games that are not only fun, but pay you in return for your valuable time!!

*Top photo from Drugwars, middle from Steemmonsters, last from nextcolony.


To me, the most amazing thing steem has done for me is allow me the ability to reach out to those in needs across the globe.(Every 3 seconds as that is the speed of our amazing blockchain.) This has enabled me to no longer rely on the lines of the red Cross and such as I do not have any way of ensuring that my money is actually helping anyone. I truly enjoy this freedom more then any other offered through the miracle that is Steem.


This post has been in response to a challenge issued by @theycallmedan asking us to show our graditude for Steem. You can see the original challenge in this post

A special thanks to @mrnightmare89 for tagging me.🤗



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I'm glad to have met you through discord and you seem like a all around great guy!

More power to ya, and lets get that Steem jar overflowing!

Actually...you may not remember but we didn't meet in discord. We met over a year ago. Can you think of when and how it was?😁

Uh-oh. I'm in trouble because I can't remember!

Remind me, because my mind is forgetful.

Awesome post here @johndoer123! I love your reflections and the positive points you've brought out! I also love to see that jar filling up... you are going to be a force on this platform one day! And a force for good too ;)

Thank you so much sir! I'm doing my best.😁 Although some days i feel like i go backwards with as busy as I am.i hope all is well for you my friend.

Nice idea to put aside some STEEM earnings like that.

#spt #palnet

Yeah, it will be put into my sons account and powered up. Hoping by the time he gets older it may be worth a lot more!

A Miracle mate! i did my challengue too but if i had to add my Thankyou number 10 to you, blockchain it's a way to had neigbour around the globe!.

that's nice story brother, it's good that steem have a person like you. You help this platform to encourage many people in keep going and keep on staying here.

have a nice day brother

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Thanks friend. I just used your #how tag. It is about the sad need of the farm o was wanting to buy. I read the post you made about it. How is your mom feeling brother. I have been hoping for the best for you all.

go for it brother, she seems for now but I hope it will continue that she's fine. Release what make's you sad and let us, your friends to be with you.

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GLOBE :) lol

Awesome! So how did you fill the jar?! You count your Steem and put your change into it at the appropriate rate?

Wow! That was absolutely amazing. How time flies. Am pretty sure there are more things to say but just for the sake of time you cut it short.

Thanks for being supportive to people around the globe.

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Time really does go quickly doesn't it? And you nailed it. There was a lot more i wanted to say, but i only had so much time, so I had to condense it quite a bit. Have you happened to do a #gratitude challenge yet? I hope all is going well for you brother and i send my love your way!

I haven't done any gratitude challenge with this account but I dod it with my previous account.

Yeah all is going well.
My regards to @evans.

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