Taking It Back! A Thanksgiving Message from Rev. Sarah

in #gratitude2 years ago

As we gather all our bits and pieces for the Holiday Season — on this day that is the United States annual day of Thanksgiving, I did want to embrace all of you in a group hug of Light.

Are we being truly thankful?

For many years I've made gentle fun of the gluttony championed on this day but that stops now. My gifts for "raising the vibe" are pretty well know to my friends, clients and followers, but I've been asked by the Great Big Is And Ever Was to go back to the beginning of why we do anything, and this day was about Gratitude.

How far we have strayed from that path!


Now we argue about The First People and their rights instead of discuss the collaboration that once happened. We bring in stories of slaughter. Slavery. Pain. We invite shame to our tables, if we celebrate at all. We have allowed a sense of disgrace to enter our homes with images of gluttony, horror at family antics and we make fun of what was and has always been a Feast For The Gods and what they have given us: A Harvest Festival.

The glow of gratitude is hidden under a sense of "do we HAVE to do this?"

Let us instead take this traditional time of harvest blessings for this hemisphere and enjoy our bounty, our hard work and our labors.

Furthermore, we set the stage for those on the other side of the world who are welcoming Spring. We used to dance and make love with our hearts, our bodies and our spirits. We were unashamed of what we had accomplished and we told the Gods we were thankful. And then we celebrated.

For those of you who have been blessed with the ability to remain mostly conscious and immune to the temptation to make the sacred into something profane? I honor you and give you extra bubbles. Thank you for your service. My gratitude for your grace.

Happy Day of Thanksgiving! It's good to have a point of reckoning for the next phase of Giving, so that we may honor the Light!

Bright Blessings to all!

~ Rev. Sarah

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