Finding YOUR Meaning: The End of a Year; the End of a Decade

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And so, we have arrived at the final day of the year 2019.

We have also arrived at the final day of a decade. As of tomorrow, we will have entered a decade we'll think of as "The Twenties."

The end of a day, a year, a decade...

What kind of decade has it been? What are we leaving behind?

100 years ago, the world closed the book on a decade marked primarily by what was known as "The Great War." Many believed that World War I was the "war to end all wars" and that nothing like it would ever happen again.

100 years later, what have we learned?

Humans are still at war, like they have been for thousands of years.

It would be easy to dismiss that and simply say that we are "an inherently aggressive and competitive species," but perhaps it would be more accurate to say that the primary paradigm of the species is one of conquest and dominance.

Where does this part of our nature come from? And it is truly our nature, or is it the result of environment and circumstance?


Sociologists and anthropologists would argue that we battle each other because we live in fear of "lack." Meaning that, the driving belief is that we live in a world of lack and shortage, rather than a world of plenty and bountifulness.

But we also live in a world where the battles are over "Who Gets To Decide" what's going to be the dominant paradigm. The need for control — and the fear of NOT having control — can often be found at the heart of all-out wars, various skirmishes, corporate takeovers, as well as local pretty arguments.

What is the true fear?


"If YOU are in control, the quality of MY life will diminish!"

Is that really true, or is it just ignorance and fear speaking?

Of course, it can be extremely difficult to actually agree on what "quality of life" means. Our modern world tends to be designed to make us equate "things" and "assets" with this quality, even though repeated psychological studies show that true happiness and contentment is mostly derived from purely intangible things like love, a sense of belonging, feeling safe, family connection and so on.

And so — as we enter a new year, and a new decade — I invite you to pause and really think about and consider what it is that gives your life its deeper meaning... or would give your life deeper meaning.

Bright Blessings and Happy New Year to all!

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I am excited to see what's coming in the next decade. Compared to many people, I am still fairly young and whatever happens (policies created and things in the world) will fairly impact my lifehood.

study show true happiness and contentment is mostly derived from purely intangible things like love, a sense of belonging, feeling safe, family connection and so on.''

I am beginning to see shifting from wanting more goods to more creating family connection. I think this is great, something I enjoy seeing more from people around. What is to come is going to get hard, so family and close connection will be stable foundation and valuable asset to have.


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