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We are now back home safe and my husband is still recuperating from his surgery that involves his intestines. I could not believe my eyes how long the incision was. It will take longer before he could go back to his usual routine. Thank God for sending help. We needed a huge sum of money which forced me to try all options including you my Hive friends. The big portion of the money came from a relative who was able to find ways and thus we were able to go home quicker than I expected. Of course I do appreciate all the help you my Hive friends extended. Your prayers, we'll wishes and your own Hive and HBD contributions meant a lot. I was able to cash out and exchanged them for BCH and converted them to my local currency. It may not be that huge of an amount but you guys shared out of the abundance of your hearts. And thank you for liking my post. You may not know me in real life but you did not hesitate to help. No ifs no buts and no doubts that is more than enough. I may not have tagged all of you because there were a ton of you but I am truly grateful to each and everyone. All efforts including your curation initiative is appreciated. Thank you very much God bless you all.
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