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Hey Jessitizens

I was born in a country where we didn't have the right to vote until 1994, people fought for this right, people died for it, and it stands as a reminder of what a lot of the previous generation fought for, and they are proud of having the right to vote.

When I speak to the previous generation, they still feel like voting, and the democratic process still works and brings about change. However, many of my peers and I feel that it does not, that it is more of a cosmetic change while the system remains the same.

The US elections are underway, and it's taken up most of the media coverage, people are so divisive and talking about how things are going to change depending on who gets elected, but ask yourself, have things really changed? Take out all the identity politics, the cosmetic arguments and changes to laws and look at the results.

How many countries citizens feel they are better off from what Government provides them with NOT what the private market brings them. We often talk about we're better off because we have this and that, but most the modern conveniences don't come from the government they come from the private sector.

If we really dig down to it, the government produces a whole lot of nothing at a very high cost to its citizens.


We can't see the real losses

When I talk to people about what they think of government, they tend to excuse all the issues and look at the so-called good they have done, oh they build homes for the poor. But no one says it's poorly constructed homes, at an over-inflated price, built by someone who got kickbacks and not because of merit.

We don't see the job losses government regulation puts into play; we don't account for all the misery they cause. If governments were so effective, why are we in the shambolic state we are in today under their so-called watch?

Surely we have to call time on their overreach as it continues to become less and less effective. Still, it seems more people have the idea that bigger government means better, yet when Amazon gets bigger and kills competition we cry? Why does the government not abide by the same rules and perceptions?

The Facebook feeling

The Democratic vote today seems like a parody it's all pageantry to give you the illusion you are contributing, and that progress is made by voting. It reminds me of those posts on Facebook like to save starving kids or something to that effect.

People will like and shaRe ita, and that's the end, they supported the cause, they feel they've done something when they have done nothing.

I feel like voting is the same thing, and it's so dismissive of all the issues. We call for people to get out and vote so they can ignore what those candidates you voted for doing for the next 4 years, only to repeat the cycle.

Surly your civic duty should you believe you had one should not begin and end with an x on a page.

Vote with your resources

I believe you cannot have civic freedoms if you don't have financial and economic freedom, what good is the freedom to work and freedom to express yourself if you have no job or means to express your creativity with the help of a good economy and economic opportunities.

We make such a big deal about the political vote, but we don't think about the vote we make every day with the way we save, purchase and how we fund the government.

I've become so aware of the raw deal I am getting I see no reason why I should be holding money that not only gets taxed and inflated away to buy me less of what I want but gets misused on things I don't want, this fiat money vote is tainted.

It's one of the reasons why I do daily cost averaging, there's a therapeutic meaning to it, seeing fiat get burned and transferred into Satoshis every day.

I feel this vote is the biggest vote I'll ever make and I continue to make it every day until things change, which I doubt they will. It's a sad state of affairs that you would rather trust random people running code on the internet to protect your wealth versus your government, but that's where we are now as a society.

Have your say

What do you good people of HIVE think?

So have at it my Jessies! If you don't have something to comment, comment "I am a Jessie."

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yeah man some people fight for the right to vote bus US people don't care about the vote that why trump was selected I guess

I think they do care about their vote, well a lot of people do, some don't, but I think Trump was a sign that they were fed up and wanted something different.

To be honest, I think a lot of other countries feel their vote is also a waste, I know I do

same here but the older generation thing that we can change a thing with vote here politician promises but after election, they don't remember

Yeah I don’t see how voting changes the system it just moves a few names and people around who are largely motivated to do the same things as the previous people!

I think until we can seperate state from money there’s actually very little change people can drive

I agree with you they should be clean as a white page in finance matter

they feel they've done something when they have done nothing.

And in the end they expect the problem to be resolved also. Real issues need real work to be done but most of us got lazy and more interested in selfies.

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LOL totally, change my profile picture slap up a few #prayforwhaterve hashtag posts, maybe reshare and comment, problem solved. But how many people are going, this is a problem I'm going to start a business around it or campaign for change? No because that's hard, we just want to feel like we contributed in some way, which is why I don't take most of that to heart.

That's why I also say BTC is the easiest way to protest, you don't like your government, trade in their currency for BTC and show them you don't support their shit

That become loss of taxes to them whenever money involves government either listen or oppress.

I have feeling that they will oppress. In my country bitcoin is not illegal but any transaction or payment done using bitcoin is equivalent to payment not done and contract is void.

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You're probably right, the cost of losing power is a fear that governments would rather not risk and would rather kill an economy with oppression than allow citizens more freedom

Yes, voting with your resources is the way to do it. I try to support local businesses even if it costs a bit more. If they don't accept cash I walk right out the door!

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I also try to support small business and do cash payments where I can, and try to avoid big business when possible, I think it may be a small change but I am helping someone make an honest living and I know it goes to the worker, with big business who knows where that money goes.

Vote with your resources you do every day so its far more important than voting every 4 years well at least to me it is

Mark Twain used to say that if votes would matter we wouldn't have the chance to vote and the proof of his saying are governments and world leaders around the world.

The problem is that the people put in charge of our countries are elected from within us so it's basically our own reflection that we see in those leaders.

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Oh I agree I don’t feel like it’s an us versus them jusy like the outcomes we face they too are products of the system this is what gets you to the top of the political game

I think that only through private ownership of money can we reduce the effects of one system over another!

Having one government with control over the money and 50% of all transactions just seems like a death spiral feedback loop of more government

That’s why I think Bitcoin helps it allows us to vote and say no we don’t like whay you’re doing and we not supporting it with our effort and purchasing power

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