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RE: πŸ† #GooglyPrize πŸ‘€ This Week's Winners - Issue No. 116.4444 πŸ’ͺ

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Thanks @fraenk for one more time feeling proud of the posts I make on Steemit. :)
A little ashamed for 2 rounds winning.:(
And I want to give 5 Steem for the prize of next round.

My father explained what is happening on Steem and I want to say my words on this.
This is also a reply to the comment by my good friend @drakernoise.

Steemit is my second school, and @brickmanbrad along with @googlyeyes was my first grade, that made me do new posts and have fun everyday.
Thanks to so many others that have helped me to show my work and to meet a lot of good friends.
Steemit had no king, one thing that I like.

I don't like the new king that wants to hurt the people, and destroy our work and friendship.
My father say the value of Steem is people and not money.
This Tron king want just the money and not people.
Let's unite all and keep the battle to save our castle.
We don't need kings. We all together are the kings.
Friendship is bigger then money. :)

Please pass this message.

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I agree you absolutely Jimbo (@steemean)... we are a community, you cannot buy it, someone told (can't remember who): *"you cannot buy a community you have to earn it"πŸ€—

To have money without friends, is a sad story. :(