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This is a story about Grouchy...
He has been grouchy, upset, angry for quite some time now...

Before, he wasn't like this at all...
But he was sad and confused, not knowing what he was or why he was there...

One day, while being sad and confused, his googlyeyes decided take a walk, to experiment and travel like most googlyeyes do...
grouchy apple.gif

And that was when Grouchy was born...

With a new look, no matter which side he was on, he was always Grouchy...

Maybe he was upset because he was wringkly and wet or maybe he doesn't like his big bumpy forehead...
Or maybe it was the scars all around his face and head...

Sometimes, there was tears in his eyes...

No one really knows...

He wasn't happy being looked at too...

from any side...

Hope Grouchy won't stay grouchy for long because there are things to be happy about out there.

And I really should just stop looking at Grouchy.


This is my entry to @googlyeyes' cool contest!


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Grouchy is awesome. And adorable in his grouching. :)

Hehe thank you! He quite like being grouchy :D

I wonder if Grouchy's life ended. 🤔

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@trendotoken thank you❤️

Ermmm... you guessed it :D

Grouchy will eventually lossen up when he finally meets another Grouchy

:) you are right @edidiongcyril!

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Hilarious @marblely...almost missed it with all the stuff going on these days...
Best wishes on the contest
Hugs and love over there

Hehe thank you @drakernoise. Take good care there and Steem On! <3

Good pictures and GIF :-)

Thank you @bucipuci :)


its simply a-ma-zing!
i wanted to say 1stly that #2 is that I liked most... but I am not sure anymore. all of them so good!!!!!! amazing how many different face impressions this creature may cast!..


Hehe thank you @qwerrie! I thought #2's nose looked like an elephant's trunk. It is all about the googlyeyes :)

yes! same associations.

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