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It was a rainy afternoon...

But rain or not, we had to get some supplies for the day..

While walking to a shop nearby...

we heard some noise from some thorny bush looking thing...


We went closer to find the source of the noise...



We were shocked to find this face staring at us...

Spiky hair, funny face with some wrinkly hairs sticking out everywhere around his face... looked like some unhappy tiny pineapple...

(mind you, the bush was thorny!)

"Why are you looking at me funny? Haven't you seen a Piña CoGoogly?"
(Errr, no) I thought to myself

Then, somewhere from the side, there was a tinier noise...

We turned our heads and caught this fella staring...


Tiny spiky hair compared to the other fella, funny pink peach face but this guy looked kinda sick...

"Are you alright?" I asked...

"He is fine!"


The first fella boomed at our ears...

"Buzz off!"


"Okay, okay" I said...

And we hurriedly left them be...


We wanted to take more photos...

But the rain was getting heavier and these fellas were really thorny to give us some more photos...

Oh well...

This is my entry to @googlyeyes' awesome #googlyeyes contest. Thank you @googlyeyes for bringing us this fun contest!


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hahaha... oh wow! what a curious find :D and fancy hair styles, too :D

the young-ling looks particularly cute with its flowery limbs.

Kudos for googlying with all those thorns around and it's a nice switch of scenery, too :D

Hehe thank you @googlyeyes! It was quite a challenge with the thorns and the rain. People walking by were curiously looking haha.

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hehehe... these confused looks by people passing by are fun, aren't they?! :D

Oo yes hahah

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Oo thank you!!

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[@alucian] Late but true, we say thank you too. ;-)
Have a nice day

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Thank you!!

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Oo awesome! Thank you!!

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Very nice (and also laborious in thorns) :-).
It deserves some GEEK.
You are now moving 10000 GEEK to your S-E wallet.

Thank you thank you @bucipuci :)

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It's my pleasure :-)

These are some interestingly cute looking fellas! Nice one! Loved the spiked hair!

Haha yes. Very spiky all over! It was tough placing those eyes. Haha. Thank you @crosheille!

Funny story @marblely lol it could come only from your endless bag of imagination. You enjoyed my greyed day full of problems, thanks so much!
Love n’hugs to you ❤️

Hehe thank you so much @drakernoise. Love n hugs back to you 💗

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Thank you so much!

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