👀 #GooglyEyes 📷 Roland Schutter - Things With Eyes Vol.68

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This is Roland,


he's not quite your typical German rolling shutter.


Roland Schutter #GooglyEyes portrait close-up title image eyebombing by @fraenk


Germans really love their privacy.

Or maybe they're just afraid of burglars?


Roland Schutter #GooglyEyes full-scene eyebombing by @fraenk


A typical German houses usually comes with this kind of rolling shutters.

Shutting out light, the weather, curious neighbours and unwanted visitors.


Roland Schutter #GooglyEyes full-scene closer frame eyebombing by @fraenk


Roland does all that, too!

But he's still the odd one out.


Roland Schutter #GooglyEyes sideview eyebombing by @fraenk


What's so special about him?

It must be the eyes you might think.


Roland Schutter #GooglyEyes portrait eyebombing by @fraenk


Yeah, that's probably true, too.

But I'm actually talking about his schnoz*!



I met Roland on a stroll through the neighbourhood and he immediately caught my attention... and a pair of new eyes.

But why is Roland Schutter different than a normal rolling shutter?

You know I love getting some engagement in the comments! Can you explain why Roland is different than most of his kind? There is a real and logical explanation, and you don't even have to be German to find it, though it probably helps if you're familiar with how this guy works.

Be creative, it doesn't have to be the real explanation, why do you think this guy stuck out to me on my stroll? Try to think out of the box or look at the frame, the most creative and the most accurate answers will definitely get some SBI, funny compliments and boring theories will still get an upvote... so do us both the favour and comment below!

the engagement challenge has ended, see this comment below.


everything is better with #GooglyEyes

even nosy neighbours

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@fraenk hehe love it.. roland looks great on that roller shutter. Heard on #pypt

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the engagement challenge has ended.

We've heard some exhausting theories about secret surveillance and there was a lot of nose pulling involved...

but the "real" reason why Roland immediatly caught my attention and became a prime subject for some googlies: it's the nose, yet it's all about the frame really.

Most windows still come in rectangular frames, and that's why most shutters will have two of those "buffer stops", not making them look much like a nose at all.

And Roland, with his arched frame, just has this one long shnoz sticking out right in the middle of his face.

Makes sense, right?! Nobody guessed correctly, but everyone who had a theory will get one SBI, and that's @mathowl, @bucipuci and @brittandjosie.

Thank you for engaging with my post!

Yeahhhhhhhh guess who “nose”
I love the prize thank you very much

I am pleasantly surprised. Thanks :-)

  ·  9 months ago (edited)

Seems like an exhausting fella. So maybe it is some kind of exhaust. Or is it a tool to nose around at what is happening outside :D ( I shutter at the idea that it could have some malicious purpose :P)

heh... that's quite an interesting theory! But it's really just that, a theory.

I wonder what you had in mind with that exhaust?! But actually, these rolling shutters are designed with slots to let airflow through when they're not rolled down all the way... sooo, yeah, no real need for an extra exhaust here.

source: product website

A little periscope would be funny, but I guess one can also just peak through those same air-slots instead.

I can assure you though, there's no malice involved, it's of purely practical purpose!

  ·  9 months ago (edited)

There are no nice puns about buffer stops for roller shutters aka Rolladen Anschlagstopper. They are used so that the shutter box does not eat the whole shutter D:

  ·  9 months ago (edited)

Imagine your nose was used as a buffer stop... ouch!

Roland rolls his new eyes, but he's still a blind

I shutter in fear at the thought of that

Certainly, at any moment, Roland cleans his nose when using a hook to lift the blind ;-). If so, poor Roland. I wouldn't want anyone to bore my nose or pull it for me.

  ·  9 months ago (edited)

Lol... oh my... that's a brutal scenario! Luckily it's far from the truth, though.

Nobody even comes near his nose to pull him up, he's called Roland for a reason, because you can roll him up conveniently with a belt (or a button, if you're that fancy) from the inside.

rolladengurt example
source: some German repair tutorial

Nice, this post's comment section is slowly turning into a treasure trove of useless rolling shutter trivia :D


I cant really tell cause Roland Will kill me but you asked really Nice, to open the fence you take Roland by the nose and push up. You need to let go when the fence Goes up otherwise you Will hang on his nose.

I love Roland and the entry, maybe i should start walking in the neighbourhood, but i dont have the guts to put the eyes on things belonging to others 😬

  ·  9 months ago (edited)

You're thinking along the same lines as @bucipuci there :D but actually, if you did try pushing him up by the nose, he'll fall straight back down as soon as you let go and slap you in the face right back if you don't watch out...

And YES!!! Indeed, you really should start walking the neighbourhood... that's the true spirit of #googlyeyes, to go out and make a discovery, to make your environment filled with life and hide quirky little surprises for unsuspecting strangers who will discover your friends eventually and find a reason to smile.

The eyes are also easily removed when using their default sticky back or an adhesive like blu-tak, so I wouldn't worry about destroying anyone's property. I've been caught in the act mutliple times and 9 out of 10 cases it will receive very positive reactions!

That Will be the assignment than for this week, and if i get caught i have another blog too !