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Otto is always on Edge.

That's his life now, at the bottom of the googly food-chain.


GooglyEyes Re-Visited Otto on Edge Things with Eyes 55 Title Image

Otto used to live peacefully, dreaming dreams of being free.

But now he's trying to scurry away from monstrous predators.



Predators like this guy here, Oswald Ottotarian.

Knowing what we know today: That name makes sense.



Otto has been trying to hide away as good as he can.

He was almost invisible when he closed his eyes.



But there he is!

Can you see him now?



Not just another brick in the wall.

It's Otto on the Edge, a fish out of the water.


Otto Fish GIF from the original post



I originally introduced Otto to all of you on this blockchain, back in March 2018, he was the 55th entry in my "Things With Eyes" series.

He's been living peacefully on his little edge, dreaming of freedom throughout the seasons, staring into the sun until his eyes had turned all yellow from prolongued UV exposure. And then one day... he suddenly closed his eyes.

It took me a while to realize that he was just trying to hide away and camouflage himself. He wasn't alone anymore on that edge.

And so, I introduced you to Oswald last week. A part of that introduction was one of my usual engagement challenges: I asked all of you to find some food for Oswald. I actually wanted you to find Otto, whom I had also given a new pair of eyes for the occasion.

It was @bucipuci, with his curious and well trained googly eyes, who immediately spotted Otto hiding in that one image in Oswald's post.

bucipuci spots Otto

Then came @saboin, @bambuka and eventually @thekittygirl. They all found plenty more fish-bricks that I hadn't even noticed before myself, and they all received 1 SBI as their finders' fee.

saboin's fish - bambuka's fish - thekittygirl's fish

But nobody bothered to go all the way down the rabbit hole, I assume nobody even saw the clue that was there, left in order to help retrieve a close up image from Otto's original post. And nobody guessed Otto's real name either, although that should have been somewhat easy to do from Oswald's surname. Well, now you know!

Brick walls are a really good canvas for #GooglyEyes and there have been plenty of brick-faces posted to steem already. So, today I'd like you to find out what the first one of them was named. Of course, there will also be an SBI bounty for the correct answer and other legitimate theories.

So then, I'll leave you with a side-by-side comparison of Otto, his original appearance next to his new eyes.

Otto still on Edge, today

Since bricks don't usually grow in size, in order to still adhere to the "baby schema", his eyes obviously had to shrink with ageing. I'll have to admit, though, he was much more adorable when he was young and living his dreams, not aged and instilled with fear about the harsh reality of life... but I digress.


there was only one attempt to find the 1st brick-face on steem. see here



Leave your #GooglyEyes behind!

This "Re-Visited" post is part of a series in which I want to encourage fellow #GooglyEyes enthusiasts and #GooglyPrize participants to use these wiggly eyes as a tool to a make our public environment a better, a more enjoyable, a more googly place, permanently ... or at least for a little longer than what it takes to shoot a picture.

All types of creative googly expressionism are awesome and all are more than welcome in the contest, but my heart beats especially for the idea of unleashing our googly friends somewhere in the real world, where they might bring a smile to a random stranger with curious eyes, too!

everything stays better with #GooglyEyes

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@fraenk loves you!


sooo... nobody found the first brick-face on steem?! But at least @drakernoise tried... That means the 4 SBI I had set aside all go to him!

I've sent 2 shares towards @mytunes and the other 2 for @drakernoise himself... I think he doesn't mind it that way, do you?!

And the correct solution would have been "Gus", he was posted by @marty-art over two years ago and was one of the 1st #GooglyPrize Winners:


I had left a hint with the googly rabbit under a post that contained a link to Gus.

Ohh what a gift @fraenk, totally unexpected!
I don't wan't to be too thanky despite I'm so tempted...
I followed your hint, grrrr maybe I'm too multitasked to have found it ... and I did a long search but as usual in me totally off track.
Well I think I'm getting closer than before maybe I'll learn to not look to much but use my eyes more efficiently XD

Meanwhile can only send you my honest thanks and love
Big hugs!

I’m sort of confused with the question of who was named first, it’s clear that Otto was as you explained on the post... maybe I’m missing something or just I didn’t catch it at all? 😅
To be honest Oswald post was my first read of your #googlyeyes challenges so I’m also slow at this...
But spotted the marvellous clue and blink!

Oh... this post was so much about the last post, the current question is barely even related, but to phrase it as explicitly as possible:

"What was the name of the first brick-face posted to steemit?"

And the hints are where they've been since the post before the post bore this post. Ok, I think now it sounds confusing enough again :P

... absolutely, I’m totally lost again thanks 🤪

You should check the most recent #GooglyEyes, something long lost has reappeared and a recent post is hinting at it.

Also... @thegooglyrabbit... it's not hard to take a look down the rabbit hole!

I cannot edit images in my phone, got to learn how, meanwhile I put here the fish I spotted if that was you talking about:
Aand yeah the #googlyprize cup photo is plenty of fish too...if I manage to find the time I'll try to mark some...now it's nap time or die

hahaha... no man... you're totally off track... but that's definitely an interesting turn you took there :D

I sometimes see eyes staring at me 😆

Thanks for the SBI and the mention. I really didn't know I had ever seen Otto.

Sure thing, thank you for engaging with my postings @bucipuci!

It's entirely possible you didn't see Otto when he was first posted (you din't upvote or comment on it, so likely you didn't) but I though you might catch on to the hint and look through previous "Things With Eyes".

Doesn't matter, you eagle sharp googly eyes spotted Otto in that image almost immediately. Kudos again, I was a bit surprised that went so quick last week :D

I spotted some speck, so I got a little bit bigger and Otto was in the world :-)

Lol! This is cute, and I love the seek-and-find challenge to it! XD

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Thanks @phoenixwren :D

I always try to hide little references, riddles between the lines, or just plain old treasure hunts in my posts. I think it's a nice way to spice things up for those who are willing to spend a little time with my content.

And the engagement in the comments is really wort it. Oswald's post is a great example for that, all those fish hidden in that wall... who would have thought?! I didn't!

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