๐Ÿ‘€ #GooglyEyes ๐Ÿ“ท Jimmy Bucket - Things With Eyes Vol.72

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This is Jimmy,

and he's not amused at all tonight.


Jimmy Bucket #GooglyEyes title-image eyebombing by @fraenk

He wanted to retire from a calm and a quiet life.


Jimmy Bucket #GooglyEyes portrait image eyebombing by @fraenk

A house with a picket fence, that could have been nice.


Jimmy Bucket #GooglyEyes splatter image eyebombing by @fraenk

Any place with a wall would have been perfectly alright.


Jimmy Bucket #GooglyEyes paint splatter image dramatic eyebombing by @fraenk

But now he's on the street, left in open air to dry.


Jimmy Bucket #GooglyEyes paint splatter and trail image eyebombing by @fraenk

He was kicked around in circles, he never knew why.


Jimmy Bucket #GooglyEyes aerial splatter and trail image eyebombing by @fraenk

This was his story, I'm afraid he didn't survive.


Jimmy Bucket #GooglyEyes the bucket that started it image eyebombing by @fraenk


Jimmy from the bucket, the bucket kept him alive.


Jimmy Bucket #GooglyEyes animated eyebombing by @fraenk

Excuse me?!
The end of my life?

YOU have opened my eyes,
finally I'm free.
Now I can see the world,
and the world can see me.




I really struggled today with writing something for Jimmy here. I was stuck trying to include this dumb song to make the post compatible with the #mytunes project by @drakernoise. But after some futile attempts it dawned on me: I don't even like that song! Even the weirdest cover versions still sounded totally annoying. Why would I even want to share that just because the title kind of fits this post?! Nah... not my tune at all! But, if you can guess what the song was, I'll probably still send you some SBI! And if you can find an interesting or weird cover version, one that doesn't completely suck, I'll definitely do that, too!

Finally, I have a little PSA: Have you heard about #creativecoin, yet? It's another one of these SCOT-tribe-tokens that allows for stake-driven voting and additional rewards issued via the steem-engine sidechain, just like #palnet and all the others. Honestly, I'm myself already a bit overwhelmed with all these new tokens, but this one actually has me a little bit excited! If you enjoy curating and/or producing creative content on steem, you should definitely take a look, too: @creativecoin.


everything is better with #GooglyEyes

giving happy little accidents a second life

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So nice ! Thanks you for your cute story !

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ย 2 years agoย 

per usual you are insane. i used to know a guy named frank. he was from germany. i think he is your twin.

ย 2 years agoย (edited)

Being insane might just be the only thing that keeps me from going crazy.

hmmmm... maybe... I dunno... have we met before?!

ย 2 years agoย 

were you ever in NZ or san francisco? maybe it was your crazy uncle..

All my uncles are pretty boring.

But I was indeed in San Francisco for a while.

The plot thickens!

But I've never been to New Zealand before.

What a let-down. It's probably not me.

But I also don't have any siblings, and it would be kinda weird if my brother had the same name as myself...

There's really only one option left... I have been cloned without my knowledge... damn these aliens, I say it's about time we #stormarea51!

ย 2 years agoย 

there is yet another option. you are really an alien... with faulty hive mind.

Oh!... that would explain a lot!

I love it. Poor old Jimmy.

Poor old Jimmy, yeah, that's what I thought, too... but in the end, despite his frown... he actually seems to be enjoying himself.

What's this???? Whattttt? I love the googly eye guy!! He's my new bff.

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Allrighty :D kindred spirits?

You should take a look over @googlyeyes ;)


and I just love your enthusiasm :)

Itโ€™s like if Jimmyโ€™s soul which was so pure, got licked to finally splash on the ground like a booom!!! Here I am in a voyeur position, come and step over me!

I think the โ€œno go songโ€ was this one

...or as always Iโ€™m totally off track ๐Ÿคช
Anyways I would put this

...or this

@creativecoin expells good vibes, wished I had enough time to look into it, hope I can soon.
That zenith view was with a drone?, love it ๐Ÿ˜

ย 2 years agoย (edited)

"Jimmy's Bucket", lol, that's literally the song title?! Nice find... but that wasn't it, so yes, you're off track again :D but maybe not too far... well... I dunno?!

I was thinking of a chart-song from the turn of the millennium, the title does have some similarities, if you mumble a bit... but anyways, I'm just leaving that as a hint for others in here, please don't guess again, I'll tell you on discord. You've qualified for some SBI already.

The birds eye shot. I was curious if anyone would ask about that one and I've reserved an SBI for the first one to bring it up! No, that's actually not shot with a drone. There's a multi-story building off to the site and the front door just so happened to be open. I managed to get to one of the upper floors and shoot that one from a balcony ;)

Finally, that bucket drummer is quite awesome. Yet, while your 2nd video there might be labelled "Best Drummer Ever", I still beg to differ: I stumbled upon this guy the other day and he's the absolute mad-lad:

Iโ€™m watching the video as Iโ€™m righting (itโ€™s so long...) and had to admit you talked about the balcony before but I forgot.
How rare Iโ€™m lost with the clues! Hahaha

Oh yeah... that's right, I had shown you the birds eye on discord a couple of days ago... lol... good thing we're both so forgetful :P


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ย 2 years agoย 

That give at the end is awesome! I am going to have to get a couple packs of these googlyeyes and see what I can find out in the world to put them on. This is hilarious.

That "give"... hehe... maybe there is a legitimate reason to call it "JIF" after all, because that's maybe less confusing for Siri?!

And yes, go get some googly eyes! They make everything better and the only know side effects are uncontrolled giggling and a high risk of addiction.

ย 2 years agoย 

Stupid phone autocorrect. lol

awesome post as always @fraenk :) that gif at the end had me tripping ^^

Thanks Hazel! The GIF is a gift that keeps giving... well... it plays in a loop! smooch

Holy eyes of heaven, i cant beat Jimmy
Jimmy rocks !

I think I want to make an entity now too.

Time to get my RC up!!

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dang that googlyeyes, it's entertaining and it's cute that the pain turned to be alive when googlyeyes was there

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spooky! loved it very much :P

Cute story bro like it.