👀 #GooglyEyes 📷 Follow the Googly Rabbit - Things With Eyes Vol.70

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This is the Googly Rabbit,


Follow the Googly Rabbit #GooglyEyes title-image eyebombing by @fraenk


It is staring at its drink.


Follow the Googly Rabbit #GooglyEyes scene eyebombing by @fraenk


Sitting quiet in deep concentration.


Follow the Googly Rabbit #GooglyEyes scene eyebombing by @fraenk


Lost in thought and contemplation.


Follow the Googly Rabbit #GooglyEyes scene eyebombing by @fraenk


Maybe it's a habit?


Follow the Googly Rabbit #GooglyEyes scene eyebombing by @fraenk


The one-eyed rabbit, with its drink.


Follow the Googly Rabbit #GooglyEyes scene eyebombing by @fraenk


It doesn't move. It doesn't blink.


Follow the Googly Rabbit #GooglyEyes scene eyebombing by @fraenk


I wonder: What does it think?


Follow the Googly Rabbit #GooglyEyes scene eyebombing by @fraenk


That googly rabbit, just staring at its drink.



I came across this spot a few weeks ago while running errands on the other side of town. I immediately noticed this rabbit tucked away in the corner there, and you know how they say: When you see a rabbit, you should follow it!

You probably don't know (you really should have guessed, though) they also say: If it's not going anywhere, put some #GooglyEyes on it.

So, as the prophecy foretold, I came back, just a few days ago, on a late sunny afternoon, to give the rabbit an eye. It is a 2D rabbit, so it only needed one eye.

An now it's time to enter the next dimension. But before we go there, we might want to put some music on:

This will also be my googly contribution to @drakernoise's new weekly crowd sourced playlist. It's called #mytunes and you should go check it out... and share your tunes, too... with or without #GooglyEyes, that's up to you!

Also, this post needs an engagement challenge to give out some SBI, too. So follow the googly rabbit and then let me know in the comments!

Now without further ado, off into the next dimension. I've dabbled with stereoscopy a few times before, this 2D rabbit seemed like a decent subject to try my hand with showing it in 3D.

Presented with the magic of wiggle stereoscopy, which is also known as piku-piku*, not like that matters, but damn it sounds cute, I love it!


click for larger version


And if you're able to free-view stereoscopic images, I've also prepared a cross-eyed and a parallel version. It takes some training to see these 3D, and it's guaranteed to make you feel a bit dizzy, but it's also fascinating how this looks, so crisp and layered... mhhhmmm... pancakes!


a few actually found and followed @thegooglyrabbit... see his comment here. now that this account exists, not sure what to do with it, but I like having little treasure hunts and engagement challenges hidden in my posts... so you'll probably get to see him again ;)


everything is better with #GooglyEyes

2D, 3D, 4D... it doesn't even matter

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fraenk loves you!

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Now that did make me a bit dizzy, but is a really cool effect. I wonder if you might make a post to show how that stereoscopic effect is made?

It's really just 2 images taken from 2 ever so slightly different angles, roughly the distance of a pair of human eyes apart... and then cycled in a GIF.

I could probably stretch that into a nice post, but there's certainly already more than like 100 tutorials on the internet... so I'll rather just keep playing with the effect every now and then :D

Thanks for coming by!

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fraenk fraenk fraenk why is there a book on top of the gate :O

hehe... yeah, @drakernoise spotted that too (see his comment)I don't actually know, but I've already hypothesized that someone must have vanished into the rabbit hole and left it there.

That someone obviously did follow thegooglyrabbit, unlike yourself, you haven't done so, yet!

You should have called it googlyrabbit :P

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I could have, maybe I should have, but it's not just any googly rabbit, it's thegooglyrabbit ;)

You got to sorry me @fraenk but maybe the drink it’s not for the rabbit which is really waiting for someone that looks at them with different special eyes and brave enough to ,once spotted both the rabbit and the cup plus the book above , tries and tastes the drink ( with a finger tip) from the cup which most probably would open and unknown hole to a marvellous land.
Who knows maybe the travel trough that mysterious hole has somekind of background music as well as that marvellous land.
...well or maybe is just a stain on the wall with a funny eye over it seen very different by my disturbed brain 🤪
I’m not to be too thanky about your mention nor your constant support , anyway I had not enough thanks to do it right so I’ll simply send you some... hugs 😊

The book... it's nice that you mention the book! I think it adds something to the scene, aesthetically and on my imaginary meta layer as well.

The book's Title was "Die Abgestellten", which translates to "The Deposited" but it's actually a wordplay in German where "Die Angestellten" would mean "The Employed", I guess it's a look at the decay of permanent employment in favor of cheap labour or self-employment... I don't know, it doesn't matter too much what the book was about, but it also had a Library marking on the sleeve, so someone must have forgotten it there... maybe they went into the rabbit-hole and never came back?!

And even though you didn't actually follow thegooglyrabbit yet, I'll definitely put you on the SBI list because you've got curious eyes... noticing that book there... nice!

And as always, hugs and cuddles are coming right back at you!

You are right, so many words and missed to follow the rabbit

Right down into that rabbit hole :D Awesome!

This post is so concrete

And here I was trying to keep it as vague as possible!

I guess the facades are crumbling.

aww @fraenk this is brilliant! you sure did put a big smile on my face! followed the googly bunny and hope a lot of folks will do too ...hint hint

and now alexa, play "blinded by the lights" from the streets :P

EDIT: it's a darn rabbit, got lost in translation again mr smarty pants

hehe... indeed... you did follow thegooglyrabbit. And it's a rabbit, not a bunny... the bunny is busy with fluff and doesn't have time to sit and stare!

And please stop messing with alexa, she's evil and pedantic... pretty sure she might be the red queen!

 2 years ago 
I love the Googly Rabbit! Such a cute little fellow! This was one of the most delightful posts for me this past PYPT, definitely! 😁

I am also stoked to hear the term Wiggle Stereoscopy — I've seen a few examples of it for several years now (perhaps since 2007 or so), but never could quite figure out how it was done. I attempted to do it a time or two, but it never came out right. Now that I know what it is called, I can read about it and perhaps discover what I'm doing wrong, so THANKS for that! 😃

awww... thanks!!!

I'll call it piku-piku from now on, because that just sounds so dang cute :D

You're the second one under this post to be very curious about how this wiggle-3D-effect is achieved... so maybe I should make a post about that after all.

It's really just 2 photos taken from approximately 5-10cm (2-4in) apart, trying to mimic the point of view your two individual eyes would have. Those are then just looped as a GIF to get that effect.

It's very important that the camera stays level while taking the shots, because the slightest deviation will make it look awkward and choppy. I'm still playing around with the frame timing for the GIF, right now it seems like 150-200ms per frame works quite well and putting a 30ms blend-frame in between helps to make it look even smoother.

oh and... follow thegooglyrabbit!

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Hahahahaha i had enjoyed the one-eyed rabbit in different angles 😂

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when you say it like that... it sounds a bit naughty.

if you like it from all angles, you should definitely follow it, too!

Cool googley post. That rabbit is special.

What do you mean special? Because he has only one eye? That's mean! It's not his fault.

Also, forget about it, you won't put that rabbit in the smoker, no way!!

I have never seen a rabbit like that before so he/she is unique and special.

Here is a secret......i smoke beef and pork and chicken...but i never smoke !rabbit

Sourced from giphy.com

Phew... sorry, I was getting all riled up and defensive there! :P

he/she, I really struggled with that while writing the post, it kinda looks like a "he", but i just settled with "it".

Is hard to tell now days. In the past the girl bunnies woukd be wearing pink skirts and the boys blue overalls....those were the good old days.

I think you did well by writing "it"

Hehe... yeah, definitely better to steer clear of accidental mis-gendering these days :P

Yes sir (i hope sir fits...i assume fraenk is male. If not my apologies).

WHAAAAAAT? Did you just assume my gender?!

But you assumed right... lucky you!

I am not sure why I found this as hilarious as I did. But I did. Love this ;)

There layers of hilariousness to be unfolded here, so I am not even surprised.

Also: Pancakes!!

Love it ! Very original

Hey thanks @brittandjosie!

You know I try to make every post to be a true original, then I usually add some layers of special funk before I bake it, and finally serve it with a fine sprinkle of engagement sauce...

... you're not following the googly rabbit yet, though. You should try the sauce. It's tasty. Not sure if it has electrolytes, but it definitely contains SBI!

Awww. I think this is so cute! do you carry eyeballs with you? I mean I'm sure you could do this to just about anything. So cool, cute idea. luv. It's nice to meet you in #pypt !!

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hahaha... yeah, i do carry a whole pouch of #GooglyEyes in a variety of sizes in my camera bag at all time... and in fact I do that to just about anything!

Check out the @googlyeyes account to see what the googly side of steemit looks like ;)

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found it in PYPT discord channel,

it look's like it drawn purposely then you put the eye. It's very funny to see. lol
so what's with that rabbit? what is google rabbit. haha

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it's thegooglyrabbit ... and you should follow it ;)

and indeed, the plaster crumbled off the wall almost as if someone tried to draw that bunny... the universe works in mysterious ways!

really? where can I find this googlyrabbit so I can check it.

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right here on this blockchain, actually, it left some traces in this very comment section, too ;)

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I will NOT come back later...
I will enjoy the Googly eyes NOW!

Oh, how I always enjoy these posts!
Thanks for presenting at #pypt @pypt

Thanks for engaging with posts presented on PYPT
love how you enjoy in the moment

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Then there's those who got pretty close, but didn't actually find or follow me:

at least the @dustbunny will occasionally fluff up some dust-votes and rewards for you ;)

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what will @thegooglyrabbit do next?!     ¯\_ (ツ) _/¯

 2 years ago 

@thegooglyrabbit ~ Thank you! 😊


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lol never imagined there was such a bot 🤣

The owls were called by @mathowl

Omg what an angry-like pretty owl-bot! ... but it doesn’t scare my, don’t know why 😁

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