#Googlyeyes : Rocky-bird! 🧗🏻‍♀️

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This one was not an easy one. It was at the top of a stone column of a mixed fence of stone and steel. It was outward positioned so I had to climb the fence and stand hanging by one hand while shooting with the other in selfie mode lol ... it was like a circus performance 🤪


There was some espectadores that got amazed by the scene ...


Here you can make your mind on how it was the scenery ...


Different views of our friend Rocky, none of them could be frontline unless you played circus ...

It looks somewhat a stone bold bird head, doesn’t it ? 🤣

Eventually it appeared a local woman that asked me what we were doing. She got very surprised as well as delighted when I talked her about the #googlyeyes thing so she started to list the incredible locations we should visit and decorate, (hahaha, it was so weird being up onto the fence in a weird attitude ) too funny so we did! .... but that’s another story 😉

... could it be without music ? Noooo 😁

👀 GooglyEyes 👀

Remember to look at the world with different funny eyes and listen with open ears...

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hahahah love this! @drakernoise

Thanks for stopping by 😁

hahahaha... niiice... googlies that require some gymnastics and climbing are among the best friends one can find :P

and what a nice find and awesome scenery!

I was trying to piece together which pillar it actually lives on, I'm still not sure, but is it this one?

I also like the gutter-mouth a lot, hehe!

Is this all still in the cat village?!

Double "Yes": it's that the pillar and It was located un "Gata" , the cat's village 😁
There are remaining googlies treasures that I will be unveiling oin the future...

ah you nasty boy, you are hoarding them!

hehe... well, cant blame you, as i do the same :P

Yeah a bit naughty I am to be honest 😁
Thanks for stopping by!


lets have a !BEER

You cannot sent token to yourself.

ps. forgot to say: i enjoyed both little creatures you've found. one with the big mouth is fabulous!

Thanks! ... I'll be unveiling more funny ones in the comming weeks.

What a nice Rocky you have there! :) In my eyes, it's a dinosaur head. A friendly dinosaur.

A it's perfectly possible, sadly I cannot change the title but It could have been like "Jurasic Googly" ... Ohhh I failed an amazing title!!, why are you so cruel?! 🤣
Thanks for coming...

Cruel is my middle name. Geek Cruel Dancing. :D
...that sounds weird...

This was really creative 😁 lol... Made me smile
I just started my googlyeyes Journey and it is true that anything looks better with googlyeyes 😂 Hahahaha
That Stone looks really cool looking at us from above.. Lol
Have a wonderful evening. Cheers! 🌹

Thanks so much for stepping by @saffisara
I think you enjoy finding eyes as much as we the Googly family do, could feel It in your last post, that rocks!

jajajaja me encantan los ojitos, me encanta la alegría, hay que dar gracias por estos momentos. Gracias a tí por aportarnos cosas lindas por las cuales sonreir. Un abrazo de vuelta! @drakernoise

Gracias por venir y tus bonitas palabras @marybellrg!
Quizá te animes tú a mirar a tu alrededor con ojos diferentes 😁
Un abrazo ❤️