#Googlyeyes : Flower Power! 🍀

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On my recent holidays travel to Hervás ( More Info), a cute village at the north of my region, I had many oprtunities to spot some nice Googlies (and time to take them 😂)...
This time during our walk along some narrow streets of the “Jewish zone” we found one with many plants outside the houses that looked pretty nice...there were other stuff for you to spot in my shots 😛


In a more precise view I found this one ...




A funny friend was there too ...


He was pretending to be a plant but I’m afraid his friend disagreed


We said good bye to our new friends and headed to exit the street...umm it wasn’t so easy


... couldn’t it be without music 😁

(Source Bandcamp)


👀 GooglyEyes 👀

Remember to look at the world with different funny eyes and listen with open ears...

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Oh! I love this narrow street and these cute cats :)). Nice walk, Pablo! Great idea to place #googlyeyes on these flower plants :)

Hello Marina how glad to see you comming!. It's really narrow that street, not all people can pass through It 😂
Hope you're very busy and hard working on your path.
My best wishes for your week.
Love n'hugs ❤️

#googlyeyes and cats... two of my favourite things in life :D

what's with the mirrors in the road?

Hi @fraenk,
Mirrors are part of an open air art performance or something alike from a local artist... she put many of them randomly on the streets. I think it has something to do with the idea of looking at our world from a different perspective or better said...different eyes! 😛

Hats off to that music pick... cat on the cover and narrow streets in the title... and the song's quite awesome, too. Digging the digital crates like a pro.

this #googlyeyes post is indeed packed with little treasures waiting to be discovered!

Always digging onto the unknown 😉

The contrast of the two buildings in the first photo is awesome! Plants very much alive and white building, other one has just one dead plant and a deteriorated outlook.

The mirror art is an excellent idea.

And a cat in pot! Awesome! :)

It's an old village and a jewish old zone but that's what gives It an special flavour...otherwise I love rotten structures 😃

Although I love googly eyes, I enjoyed the pictures of that cute little village more lol.. and the cats of course because I love cats :)