Yesterday I went to McDonalds and I received this burger!

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googly giant.jpg

Yesterday I ordered a menu at McDonalds

Most of the stuff they sell are not my cup of tea, but I do like the Generous Jack burger to be honest. So yesterday I ordered a menu there and took it home with me. At home, I opened the box and was in shock what I found there! They didn't fill my order correctly, and now I didn't have the Generous Jack burger with me, but a Googly Giant instead. The box explained that this was a temporary burger, only available on November 1st. Lucky me!

This burger just looks at you begging you not to eat him.. it was hard to start eating, and I felt so guilty honestly.. I've been staring at the Googly Giant's eyes for 30 minutes until I decided to go for it.. Even though it was sticking out his tongue at me right before I did.. I was able to capture that moment..

Did you ever find anything weird in your order when arriving home? Anything with eyes? :)


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lol promise I didn't gave them the idea 😂.. would have been awesome but I didn't...
Nice entry!

You pinky promise, I hope? :)
Thanks, I bought some eyes yesterday (lol) and thought I should put them to work right away .. this time I'm keeping them because the others were all used by my toddler over time ..

Pinky promise? Noo hahaha too pinky for me I'm afraid... Let's say "old guy promise" 😂
Go go with those eyes and put them onto something !! 👀

hmmm... picture me scratching my head...

is that story an account of real life events or just great googly imagination?!

@drakernoise just showed me some pictures of googlyeyes at a McD where he gets his coffee... sooo... hmmm?!?

Are you calling me crazy? :) You see, it doesn't only happen at this McDonalds .. otherwise both me and @drakernoise would be imagining the same things ... hmmm

Of course I am calling you crazy! And that's a huge compliment!

Maybe I should go and check what my local McD has on offer these days... seems I am missing out!

Yes you should! Who knows where these googly eyes pop up :)

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This looks really fun! Ha ha ha...

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Hehe, I didn't eat the eyes.. because that would not have been that much fun lol


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Lol. I just did a piece on fast food as well. lol. Don’t eat the eyes...that would be a whole other weird post. 😂

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Really, gonna check that one out hehe :)
And yes, that would have been very very weird, so I didn't eat them :)

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