My Last Steem Drama Post: an HPS Proposal for Disqualified Airdrops

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Hello and Goodbye Steem,

On the final evening of the joint blockchain, before I'm born again as someone who is all-in on Hive, I would like to say 2 last things:

#1. I wish for no hard feelings, this is my last discussion about the drama of the forked chain

#2. The people who missed the airdrop for Hive can get it if they write a proposal

I want to offer my tips and advice on the second in a satirical manner, but I feel the first is more important.

Technically this is Steem Fork 23.0, better known as Hive Fork 1.0

Good Bye Steem, I won't mention you in any of my posts again

I'm done talking about this drama. We didn't win or lose. Screw you guys I'm doing what I want. I'm bored with it. It's over in a few hours and I want to say I no longer care. It's probably not the case I wrote a couple of posts on the topic.

I wouldn't be interested if I wasn't passionate about the topic. The problem is emotions got a little tense and we are all a little crazy and emotional on both sides (Justin and Ned especially).

I don't offer any undue or insincere apologies. Let's clear something up, without due reason, I apologize for nothing.

...But I want to say.

I like to forgive people and I'm patient.
I'm skeptical and critical.
I have a low tolerance toward bullshit and I don't want to forget if I can help it.

For those who disagree. I hope we can at least reach an understanding.

I believe compromise is really important, when possible. Seeing the other person's point of view and debating when cooler heads prevail is best. At least an understanding of sorts can be reached.

Stay on your fork and I will stay on mine. Please respect my 13-15 weeks of power down. I promise not to do anything stupid or mean on Steem unless I'm targeted.

A Disney princess once said:

Let it Go, the past is in the past or something.

I won't let it go, but I'm not going to hold grudges.

What the hell, I'll welcome anyone to Hive as long as you come with open arms and an open heart.



Sorry, I'll apologize for that, it was shallow. Uggh time for a #Beer

This isn't saying I won't be involved on deeper subjects on Hive

I'm still interested in governance and especially in writing tutorials and FAQ for HIVE dapps. I like helping people and will continue on Hive. This means I will still mention Hive, but I like my photoblogs better so those will be more common.

I will definitely be involved in #HIVE #Community #Stuff and express opinion on this.


I swear.jpg
Well, the no more drama bit sure didn't last for long, I meant on Hive, this post will show up in Hive, right? I mean in new posts, a post made before Hive doesn't count...right? Please say I'm right

The Hive Airdrop isn't happening for sock puppet voters

That's right if you voted or proxied your vote for 2 or more sock puppets, you don't get airdropped any Hive.
You are welcome to join but will be started very fresh. It may be difficult to consider you will be infamous.

...but there is hope.

The Hive.Dao or Hive Proposal System is a thing. If you feel you were unfairly excluded from the airdrop, you can use it. The Hive community will decide if you deserve the airdrop or not.

...sounds degrading and annoying? Well, don't fool yourself it is.

I cannot imagine what this would feel like, but I I will generalize.


I think there are 4 general cases of no airdrop:

I'm not saying these are the only cases or there is no in-between, but I see 4 general positions emerging.

1. I don't want Hive, screw you guys, Steem is better

I don't think these guys will bother using Hive. At least never openly or in a good way. Let's just agree to stay divorced.

No cross-chain wars It's for the best...unless you are a whale or have worked for Steemit.

2. I disagreed fundamentally with the soft fork, but I want to be a part of Hive, let's let bygones be bygones

These people may use Hive but probably won't ask for the airdrop any time soon. Technically, they supported centralization even if they were against the witnesses denying Steemit transactions or not

"Why ya'll ain't Trustin' Justin ?"

...said no one

Maybe they will decide to use Hive, especially if Steem gets boring (real risk here). They may eventually be forgiven by the Hive community (wounds take time to heal and there are plenty of those). They may be persuaded to apply for an airdrop in good time after redemption via "proof of genuine hive support". They may get support. There are a few people on the list I would like to see try. I'll take it case by case.

3. It was an honest mistake, I didn't know what I was doing or I didn't care.

These people will likely use Hive and may get an airdrop depending on the sincerity of their proposal and the nature of their mistake. I'd probably wait a few weeks for things to settle down and try making a few posts, but there is little need for understanding.

Here looking for honestly, apology and admittance of mistake is key. I wouldn't want to appear greedy or impatient. However, one thing is important, clearly, they didn't care much about the witness system or were too careless to ask.

I think it will really depend on their actions and words. If it was a mistake, it better appear that way. Like No.2 I'll take this case by case.

4. Um I changed my mind, I'll do anything, I swear, just give me my Hive.

These people were less than Stellar Steem community members. We probably don't really want them on Hive and giving them an airdrop will just be encouraging them. They bet on the wrong horse. They have no dignity or honour.

I'm not saying I will dismiss their proposals outright, I'll definitely stick around for the LOLs. There is very little to consider case by case here. Pathetic is the correct word here. If they are entertaining, they definitely deserve some encouragement. Ok I'm being mean.


Did I mention I wouldn't get involved in Steem, drama, I won't be able to handle myself in some cases.

So without further adieu, please welcome my proposal.

In order not to insult anyone I'm going to imagine Justin Sun is forking me out of his new fork calledSteemy

Excuse me, sir, I changed my mind, please forgive me, I would like my free $teemy

@abitcoinsketpic's proposal for the Steem

Dear Justin Sun,

I address this to you because only your vote matters on $teemy.
The other day I wrote to you a letter. I may have been less than honest and/or kind with my words recently. Also, I didn't vote your sock puppets because I think you are an asshole.

Anyway, I'm very sorry that you lost the Steem chain and had to fork off. I also heard that people who didn't vote for your sock puppets won't get any $teemy. Well, I'm really sorry, I changed my mind. I want some $teemy.

I know this is my first post on $steemy, but it won't be my last. Please give me some $teemy, I'm just a poor boy who got a little excited. I could really use some $teemy to increase my influence and reputation. I promise I will use it to bee a good $teemy person.

I'll do anything you ask of me. I will be the best friend you ever had.





You humble servant



~to anyone else reading: Well, that was um uh undignifying. Please excuse me for deriving pleasure from degrading myself. Spanky me harder Justin.


See you all on Hive.


I'm certain everyone in Steem except Justin lost. He gets what he wanted, a blockchain to literally call his own!

Trustin'Justin doesn't even work that well for Justin.

I'm with you buddy. 🙏


Thank you kindly, sir.