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Isaiah 62:5 NIV

5.As a young man marries a young woman, so will your Builder marry you; as a bridegroom rejoices over his bride, so will your God rejoice over you.

Reading from verses one you will understand the passage better.
This was God talking or addressing Jerusalem, he said he will not keep his peace until Jerusalem is saved.

Verse 5a :-
Just as a woman has dignity, respect, honour, regard and coverage when she is married that is how Jerusalem gets coverage when they allow themselves to be married by God, her life will never be the same, enemies will no more throng upon her any longer, she will have coverage.

Now take away Jerusalem and fix your name there.
The moment you allow God come into your life, you allow him be the driver of your life, you allow him ride your life the way he wants, allow him be the king in your life, you will see absolute coverage from all dart of the enemy.
Have you ever received honour because you are a child of God, if you haven't I have.
Several times people will involve themselves in evil gossips, things etc but when I am being seen from afar off they will seize saying it.
I can remember an incident where someone told me about bribing my lecture and he said he knows I won't do it but he was just telling me to see if I could change my Mind seeing failure lurking around.
I didn't feel bad but I felt so happy and fulfil that at least my life has shown forth Christ. That's the honour I am talking about.

Allowing Jesus be your husband means you will do everything to please him, it looks hard though but with God we can do it.

Now Secondly verse 5b :-

First it was a woman being covered because she is married, now it is the bridegroom being happy because of marrying the Bride.
When a Young couple marries you see this aura, sense of Joy hovering all around them.
The Bible says this is exactly how God will be happy with you when you allow him be your husband and builder, shielding you from all darts of the evil one.

Imagine God proposing to you. If a young man proposes to a young lady he promises her everything in this world, things he will do and things he won't do but here is God telling you, marrying me and I will protect you, shield you and build you, so what is your answer, A Yes or A No?

Will you yield yourself to God, will you accept his proposal today.
Think about.
But I will advice you to choose him, say Yes to his proposal so that he will shield and build you. So that by the time he is done with you, no one would you recognise You.

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Great lesson here Sister @Glotokens. When we reject sin and turn to God. He will undertake His promise of coverage, protection, love and care toward us.

Thank you for sharing to #sc-n.