Silver - Round Ten (One Last Bit of Gold... For Now)

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• 1/20th oz Gold Coin - Canadian Maple Leaf, 2019 •

The Canadian Maple Leaf coin has a good look.
It is created every year by the Royal Canadian Mint, from what I understand. This one is from 2019.


One year ago gold was around $1650 per ounce.
Six months ago gold was touching $1950 per ounce.
It is currently around $1725.
I am curious to see if and how this next round of US stimulus and ongoing inflation influence the price moving forward.

Interesting stuff.


Why I Started Experimenting with Silver (and Gold)

I mentioned this in my first post regarding silver and still maintain the mindset...

I wanted to get ahold of a little bit of silver to inspire me to actually watch the precious metals markets on occasion, to actually listen to those around me (digitally or physically) who discuss it.

If I simply intend to watch and learn, I will absorb maybe one-tenth the information.

If I purchase a silver round worth $25 though, then I will have a starting point to attach and build my awareness, I will start to gain a little bit of experience and emotion with it. Whatever comes of that doesn't need to be huge knowledge; for now I am noticing an enjoyment here, perhaps an interest, perhaps an occasional hobby. We will see. If nothing else, it gives my brain another chart to hold up against the rest of them in a general sense, for a general awareness.

So far, so good.

Be well.
(words and images are original, and I am not a financial advisor, and this is not financial advice.)
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Not many people own gold. COnsider yourself lucky!


1/20th of an Ounce is a good start where those who cannot afford a full ounce in one purchase, and that makes it the most of us. Well done @lionsuit

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Agreed! 👍🥈🥇

Pretty coin. What's that, about a few hundred dollars? Hard to tell the size from the pictire, but I'd likely have to put that in something larger to avoid losing it! :) Collecting can be fun and I's something I'd like to get back into.

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Those are prices based on an ounce, which is a common metric of gold price, as is a gram.

Oh yes, I was aware of that, it's just that I've never seen a 1/20z coin before and didn't know they made coins of that size.

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Yay! 🤗
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