Let's Kamehamedownvote

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No, he's not shooting out FUD, FIAT and ABUSE like some of you I showed this preview to suggest -.- It was good that you mentioned that though cause I hadn't thought of it so I tried making the letters look like they're being ripped apart from the beam. Anyway, I should probably stop drawing Goku at this point, if someone looked at my sketchpad now they'd think I'm the biggest Dragon Ball fan. Last one before the hardfork though, may the fork be with you - and use the new powers well!

Reference used, a youtube video by ADCArtAttack:

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I wish I could shoot FIAT from my hands. I can however shout ABUSE from my mouth - but I am not sure if that counts.

I'd shoot so much fiat into blocktrades.us right now.


He's blowing away all of those nasty things with his KAMEHAMEHAAA~

I really like how you've chosen to work with blue instead of pink off the original source.... I think blue exudes more power!

Cool Goku, you have now outed yourself forever as a Dragon Ball nerd!!!


Is this one of those posts where we should downvote you because I already upvoted

:p if you want, wait til tomorrow for a free one though!

Lol well if the HF can Kioken the price I won’t be saying no to that

Kaioken X 20 will be fine

Lol if it did I would fall off my damn chair! I still can’t believe it was once sitting at 8 bucks! But then again I had less than 500 Sp wondering if I could ever become a minnow now I’m almost at dolphin so once I hit that I’ll be happy with any kaiokens

Lol my sentiments exactly. Well except the dolphins part

Noice :D

Maybe he isnt Son Goku, but the FED? Shoooooting moneeeys



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that's an awesome drawing !! amazing skills

!giphy Kamehameha

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that really was not the right gif, lol

Haha I know! Needs some work. Let’s try this one. !giphy Dragon+ball+z+Kamehameha

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