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Hello guys, before we start, for anyone that didn't hear that the play-to-earn model for Gods Unchained has been introduced take a look at their official blog on Flux and fusing and how it works, also take a look at their youtube video with the game director Cris Clay showing the example of fusing and explaining it briefly.

So for today, we are going to take a look at this Light deck that seems to be a great choice in the current state of the meta as most top players were running it and ended up with astounding results, most of them populating the top 10 spots with only a couple of exceptions. The deck doesn't focus on any particular plan but its biggest advantage is flexibility. The ability to fight off the aggression and play the value game against control is what makes the list so good. Okay, let's take a look at this decklist before we go any further:

Midrange Light Decklist.png

Core Cards:

Midrange Light Core Cards.png

Ritual Rod is an essential tool for fighting the early game board, can be harder to come by but luckily it is easily replaceable with Crudgel of Atonement. It is so much easier to fight off the aggression with this in your starting hand and also create pressure versus slower decks.

Golden Harpe is another relic quite important for two things. Firstly, sustaining against aggro while creating annoying 1/2 creatures for 3 turns which is nice on its own. And secondly, something which is tied to our next core card, High Thaumaturge.

These two cards go so well together that they started popping up in almost every Light deck out there. This combo creates a powerful draw engine that can fill up your hand pretty quickly and it continues to do so if your opponent doesn't have a solution to remove your Harpe or Thaumaturge.

Highborn Knight is just a staple Light card. A well-rounded one you could say is a core of any Light deck but I still needed to include it here. Not much to say about it, just a strong card, maybe even slightly OP.

Osiris, the Eternal isn't the strongest card on the list but it enables the "infinite deck" strategy because he returns to the deck all the time. Sometimes you get to buff him with Canonize which is a nice bonus but it isn't necessary to make him worth it. In the end, it is a 3 mana 3/4 and that is good on its own.

Penitence brings us more flexibility in winning the control match-ups. The power of this card sometimes comes from indirect things like your opponent knowing you run it in your decklist. This can create turns where your opponent doesn't commit playing huge creatures even if they should. If it ends up that you have it in your hand... I don't think we need to explain that.


Faith in the Light


The main feature of flexible decks comes from them being able to function in the same or similar way with multiple God Powers. This one seems to be working great with both the Heal and Heaven's Light God Powers, versus aggro and control respectively. Heal is a great counter to decks that don't worry too much about value but deal a lot of face damage, like Slayer War and Soul Burn Death. Heaven's Light counters decks that really on control and those naturally develop creatures slowly so this God Power effectively lowers the efficiency of those creatures, creating a potential value advantage and makes more creatures vulnerable to Light's Levy, a card mostly dead after the early versus slower decks.

It can be played with the Summon Acolyte power but this is a bit of a niche choice and if it's chosen in the right match-up, versus decks that relly on removing a lot of creatures with spells. This gives you "free value" against those decks by creating enough extra pressure so that your opponent becomes forced to use their board clears.

The only power you should stay away from is the Chosen One because it doesn't utilize anything in particular on the decklist and just doesn't fit the playstyle of the deck at all.



I mentioned this in my earlier deck reviews but this should be repeated. When you play a deck that gets the advantage from picking the right God Power, you should definitely use sites like unchainedstats or gudecks to check up on your opponent before the match and decide which power will give you advantage based on that. I hate this being possible but it will and is used against you by higher-ranked players so use it yourself.

Against aggressive decks, you should most likely go with the Heal God Power. Having the ability to increase your health pool without relying on other cards gives you an easier time surviving until your opponent runs out of steam. Other than that you need relics and early game creatures to fight for the board presence so that you don't get overwhelmed in which case even Heal won't be enough to help you.

Keep in hand: Ritual Rod/Cudgel of Atonement, Light's Levy, Devoted Follower, Skeleton Heavy, Golden Harpe

Against slower decks, you will most likely go with Heaven's Light as your God Power choice because you won't need so much healing. In these match-ups, you should be the one creating pressure so that you can use cards like Master of Indulgences or Penitence to get a huge tempo lead and close out the game.

Keep in hand: Ritual Rod/Crudgel of Atonement, Deuteria, Devoted Follower, Osiris, if you already have some of those try to look for Master of Indulgences or even Penitence (it is risky though)


TL DR; Pros and Cons


  • flexible God Power choice
  • able to go "infinite" due to Osiris
  • fights for the board well


  • no board clears
  • unreliable early game


Updating the Budget Format

Since now we can tokenize core cards the decklist prices now also include core cards so I'm gonna split these from the total price, everything else is the same.

So this deck in total costs 1.4395 ETH (around $380) which is a lot, the cost of core cards is 0.4ETH so we are left with still more than 1ETH. This list is definitely one of the most expensive ones we reviewed so let's see what swap can we do to reduce this.

Jason is one of those that can give us a better chance in the control match-ups but it isn't a necessity, you can swap this with a Pyramid Warden to get more out of the aggressive match-ups and shave-off around 0.46 ETH. Griffith, The Chosen can be replaced with Born Again so the trade-off here is that you will have one less answer to a huge creature but get a LOT of value back in the late game if you get the time to play it, this swap would shave-off 0.1 ETH or if you don't have this core card you still save around 0.065 ETH. With these swaps, you can potentially save a whole ETH and your deck won't be suffering too much in terms of quality and will be competitive enough to get to those higher Mythic ranks and even in the top 10.


This is it for today's review. Light cards have a lot of different answers to almost all kinds of situations. Stale meta like this one seems to be a good environment for developing the best strategy and the use of correct answers to make Light the top God on the ladder. Having a flexible God Power choice only amplifies this even further.

Useful tools for Gods Unchained statistics, meta, deckbuilding, leaderboards, etc. :


Custom cards generator tool:

Gods Unchained discord channel:

Thank you for reading!



That's really crazy. You put all this together for GU? I take it you play at higher clip, with all this info at your disposal. I'm curious to know - do you have a newbie guide of any kind somewhere? I recently started, and have been getting few wins here and there, but I want to learn things you know for myself, like judgement, Mulligan, reliable god powers in certain setups. Things along those lines, as well as maybe a budget guide because I've hardly any ETH. I could spend 10 or 20 SBD no sweat, but it'd be in vain if I didn't know what to buy. I fancy tribes like the Olympians, Amazonians, and Nether while having an interest in the Light, Death, and War gods. Through my little experience, I've raked in some Flux too, and I was wondering if a pricing guide might be in our future. I'm definitely tuning in for more, because this is exactly what I needed. Well done, mate.

I didnt do any begginer guides but I offer coaching if you are interested. I will gladly adapt my content to my followers so thanks.for.feedback. Anyway if you need some tips you can contact me via discord, same nickname.


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