[Gods Unchained] Custom Cards #3 MYSTIC EDITION!

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Hello guys, today we have the third edition of custom Gods Unchained cards. As always, cards were created using this simple card generator. Today's artwork is provided by Jason Engle if you want to see more of his work follow him on https://www.deviantart.com/jasonengle/gallery/all.

The third edition will be about another currently unused tag Mystic. The main focus of the Mystic tag is Spell boost, mana manipulation, some support healing, and generally defensively oriented cards. The Foresee mechanic is mainly on this tag for Magic God and makes a big part of Mystic also. Most of Mystic cards are Magic and Light

This isn't supposed to be a set of cards that work together but individual cards that show what direction Mystic tag could take in Gods Unchained future expansions. Okay, let's take a look at some of these cards. Btw, there is a little bonus at the end.


Skilled Animator

Skilled Animator.png

Let's start with a simple one. A 3 mana 3/2 which is okayish for a 2-drop, getting a 1 mana spell, specifically Ancient Texts justifies the cost. This type of creature can overall increase the number of creatures used in Magic decks and increase interactivity with your opponent which is important for the game so that both players feel like they are steering the direction of the game. Playing against only board clears and removal can be frustrating and not fun for both players involved so this would be a nice addition to the Magic arsenal.

Meletis Charlatan

Meletis Charlatan.png

This card is created with a similar idea of Magic playing more creatures in combination with spells. Spell boost can easily get out of control so I compensated this with worse on average stats and additional restriction for the effect to work. An effect like this could potentially make Foresee creatures a bit more attractive to use which currently they definitely aren't so I think it would make a great Mystic tribe support card.

Mother Hydra

Mother Hydra.png

A little bit of Foresee mechanic for mid to late-game on a 6 mana creature. 6 mana because there are no decent creature options for Magic in that slot besides maybe Archimedes Mirror. Foresee is really interesting one that isn't used that much, mostly played ones are Circe because of the board clear potential and Frey because of broken shenanigans that are possible. This one would be purely here for that mechanic with a bigger body to make up for its inconsistent Roar effect.

Student of Ojutai

Student of Ojutai.png

Healing support creature, nothing special, if you don't play it in some type of Mystic deck of course. Giving Protected can be exponentially more powerful the bigger the creature you give it to. 6 mana 3/7 is focused on defense while in certain circumstances the effect can provide a big tempo swing. With this card existing it would really make you question if you will let at Mystic creature live or trade it however you can just to avoid a loss in board control.

Helios Commander

Helios Commander.png

A similar idea as Student of Ojutai with more orientation on mid-range with Heal God Power. Just to make it clear I was thinking that the effect would apply only if Helios Commander is actually healed and not just targeted/affected with the healing effects. So that there is no reapplying of Protected if he isn't damaged in the first place so that the interaction doesn't get easily broken with 1 mana God Power but still strong enough to represent a 6-cost worthy creature, maybe close to 7 mana.

Cassandra, Souleater

Cassandra, Souleater.png

More ramp for Death, like it was needed?! Yeah, Death has the ability to ramp up really quickly but that comes from only a few cards so the consistency of that isn't too high. Having something to connect the ramp in midrange-ish slot lessens the RNG a bit while the card itself doesn't guarantee anything and it comes to learning how to use it instead of just being lucky enough to draw it and play it on the board.

Occult Necromancer

Occult Necromancer.png

7 mana for a 6/6 body is on the weaker side especially without something like Frontline to make it more impactful on the board immediately. Well, it is impactful indirectly if you are successfully activating his effect. Since you are Delving a spell and not just taking it from your Void, your opponent can only guess what that spell is so it can potentially slow your opponent down or making him make an inefficient play just to try and test out what that spell might be. I really like this one because it gives importance to running Death's dominant tribe Nether while being a Mystic itself.

Thallid Soothsayer

Thallid Soothsayer.png

The effect was kinda long so the card generator didn't have enough space to display it fully so here it is:

Frontline. Regen 4. Roar: Remove six cards from your void. For each card removed heal your god for 2. If your void still isn't empty Delve a Nature card.

This is a fully packed defensive bomb. If you survived aggro until 8 mana you should probably win regardless, but with this one, it is even more guaranteed. Forage decks have enough card generation just with the God Power alone so the effect goes in the other direction to provide value and make other God Powers work better with the Soothsayer. With this in your deck Nature could use more weapons to trade its sustain potential for board control, since Nature weapons usually have 1 attack power, trading creatures takes a lot of health to achieve.

Mana Siphoner

Mana Siphoner.png

Deception mechanics like Mana Bind aren't explored too deeply and Ancient Curse hasn't found a place in any decent list so far. In the form of a creature that also can potentially have some tribe synergies as well, it might just work. For those that don't know, Mana Bind locks 1 mana at the start of your opponent's turn and it costs 3 mana to get rid of. So 5 mana with a 2-cost body fits with "fairness" of the card. Also, not only does it take 3 mana to dispel Mana Bind, the opponent already lost 1 mana so it can screw with their plans of playing on a curve. I guess this mechanic will need more support to work and this is a small step in that direction.

Necromancers Pet

Necromancers Pet.png

Just a simple anti-aggro tool. Maybe a bit overboard, a 2/2 would be fine as well but didn't think about balance too much with this one just wanted to create something we really need to have. If this doesn't seem to fit in the game, maybe something like tribe specific "Destroy a Viking", just to disrupt overly aggressive decks if you are willing to sacrifice a deck slot for this card which will be a really bad one if you don't find the correct target for it.


This is the end of the third edition, we've seen a teaser of the new mechanic Favor but without knowing how it actually works I didn't want to speculate and create cards that don't make sense so I decided to skip it altogether.

Useful tools for Gods Unchained statistics, meta, deckbuilding, leaderboards, etc. :


Custom cards generator tool:

Gods Unchained discord channel:

Thank you for reading!



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