[Gods Unchained] Custom Cards #2: GUILD EDITION!

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Hello guys, today we continue the series with custom Gods Unchained cards. All cards were made with the help of this pretty simple and easy to use card generator. All artwork for the cards was provided by Steven "cha4os" Shan if you want to see more of his work follow him on https://www.deviantart.com/cha4os

The second edition will be about another currently unused tag Guild. The main focus of the Guild tag seems to be relics use, buffing and generating cards. Most of Guild tags are seen in Deception and War so that will be the case here also.

This isn't supposed to be a set of cards that work together but individual cards that show what direction Guild tag could take in Gods Unchained future expansions. Okay, let's take a look at some of these cards. Btw, there is a little bonus at the end.


Shadow Culprit

Shadow Culprit2.png

I wanted to start off with this one to bring another type of relic that we are still missing in the game. We have Shields, Armor, Wands and Melee weapons, but there are no Ranged (attacking) weapons. So I figured why not something like this. Mechanically attacking would be the same as with usual relics like Slip Blade or Makeshift Shiv but your God doesn't take retaliation damage to give a feel of attacking from the distance and not going face to face with creatures. 4 mana 2/2 with Hidden seems fair for the ability that can deal 4 damage over two turns with some drawbacks, destroying already equipped relics and potentially losing the second hit due to relic removal from your opponent.

Tricky Duelist

Tricky Duelist.png

Another Deception card on the list, Tricky Duelist follows the line of already present Duelist cards so it is aggressively equipped with Twin Strike, Ward, and potential perpetual Hidden. Getting rid of this card can be quite "tricky" because of Ward and Hidden but with only 4 Health she doesn't have too much trading power although she can still get rid of smaller Frontline creatures and still connect 5 damage to face with her Twin Strike ability. Her power can't be fully utilized on 5 mana and the requirement of having a specific tag to do it I think is enough to make this card viable but not too overwhelming.

Daughters of Sotania

Daughters of Sotania.png

It's too bad that we lack an effect like this. Board positioning should be a thing and doing a great job with that should also be rewarded. Pairing this with a tribe synergy I came up with this. Having a 1 mana body, this card requires a lot of planning to make up at least 4 mana worth of tempo. I really expect to see this type of stuff in the game because while being so simple it adds a whole new dimension to the game and increases the skill cap a bit.

Village Merchants

Village Merchants.png

Just a simple one, 2 mana for 1 mana stats that gives you back 1 mana for later use. This probably won't exist until the GU team decides on what to do with their design behind Bag of Tricks cause right now it technically isn't even a card even though we play it from our hand exactly like one. Either way, reserving mana would be nice in some form other than reducing the cost of cards in hand.

Pyria, Master of the Lightforge

Pyria, Master of the Lightforge.png

This card generator doesn't like long names so I had to cut it off a bit. Chosen One mechanic I a really cool one in the Gods Unchained repertoire and it would be awesome to see more interactions with it in the future. Something like this makes deckbuilding decisions even more important and fun to experiment with. So far we can buff the Chosen One in a couple of ways more than just stat-wise, like giving it Ward, Frontline, and Protected. Why not equip it with a weapon?

Red Eye

Red Eye.png

A potential centerpiece for a tribe specific deck. Cards like these easily create new archetypes of decks, a fully high roll card that ups the overall strength which can be enough to push a certain archetype into the meta. Having this kind of effect can be tricky to balance out so I made it a 6 mana card to up the consistency which in turn decreases its relevancy to get a healthier card overall. Otherwise having this effect on a 2-3 mana card makes it feel too "high rolly" and unfair when it happens too early in the game.

Quick Mugger

Quick Mugger.png

Speaking of high rolls, this Lil' bugger is for those players that like, high risk, high reward options. 2 mana 2/1 without Hidden? Good luck triggering its effect, but for those lucky ones the reward is small but in the early game potentially devastating for the opponent. Taking the lowest-cost card from their hand doesn't sound too much unless that was the only card they had mana for on their next turn. It may be a toxic card design, but having such a weak card taking up a slot in your deck should give you an attractive reward.

The Fallen Order

The Fallen Order.png

Buffing creatures in hand seem to be a part of the War class identity. Those cards, in general, are pretty weak, so adding a requirement of a tribe tag is an excuse to make this one more powerful. To make it worth running this card at least 2 Guild creatures need to die that turn which shouldn't be too hard to accomplish. The same condition isn't required for the creatures in hand so that it can be more reliable even though lists that use this card will have primarily Guild creatures anyway.

Brothers In Arms

Brothers In Arms.png

Creatures in the form of a spell. Came as an idea after Fallen Order, a very flexible creature that loses the perk of being able to get buffed in the hand. 7 mana for 3 mid-sized bodies that have 3 different functions looks powerful on its own. Also, those creatures would have a Guild tag so they can work with different synergies within the archetype.

Proud Defenders

Proud Defenders.png

Just to make this effect a bit clearer because I didn't know how to word it properly. The Delving a 3-cost creature doesn't put a card in your hand but it gives you options to modify what the Afterlife part will summon. 4 mana 3/2 with an additional 3-cost creature does exceed the amount of mana paid in value, although the delayed, semi-random 3-cost makes it a bit worse so it kinda evens it out.


A little bonus at the end, the first comment that correctly names the artwork used in "Red Eye", gets 5 STEEM!

Once again a link to the card generator for custom Gods Unchained cards.

Useful tools for Gods Unchained statistics, meta, deckbuilding, leaderboards, etc. :


Custom cards generator tool:

Thank you for reading!


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