[TeamOCD] Gods Unchained Steem Weekend Tournament - Results

in #godsunchained9 months ago

Here are the results of the last TeamOCD GU Weekend Tournament!

Steem UsernameWinsSTEEM rewards

The winners of the 3 Genesis Rare chests are:

Winners please write down your ETH address here in this post or send it to me in a DM if you prefer to keep it private for your Rare Genesis Chest (currently valued at 0.17 ETH each)

STEEM Rewards will be sent out very soon as well, stay tuned for the next TeamOCD GU Weekend Tournament very soon! :)

Thanks to @northmountain for helping with the stats on this post, part of post rewards going to him and the rest to @teamocd to help fund future tournaments!


Video unavailable? :)

I am watching it - steemit ;)

I could not see it on steempeak but on steemit it works

You can watch it directly on Youtube :)

Thank you for the rewards! Waiting for the next tournament!

Hell yeah I got me a chest box!!! thx guys!

and the question rises.....open it or not ..hmmmmmmmmmm


Sent :)

Loved that competition. Made me play more and that video game me a little excitement in my afternoon. Thanks for doing that!

Congrats Everyone :) !SHOP

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Are you bored? Play Rock,Paper,Scissors game with me!

Thank You for having this!!!

Grats to the winners!


Thanks for tournament.
Thanks for this nice time with participants :)


amazing competition

ahahahah 126 wins, holy fuck

Congratulations to all winners! Great contest as usual :)