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RE: Streaming some Gods Unchained

in #godsunchained10 months ago

Got another question 😅

I just uploaded a video with 3Speak ...and a song with dsound... and both of them ignored the tag I intentionally set to be first, and tagged my posts with HIVE-100421 and dsound, respectively, instead. Meaning far fewer people have seen the posts. How did you get YOURS to post with your own tags?


oh no wait, I think I see... this isnt your own video... the one of yours that you did post also tagged as HIVE-100421....

Guess I just have to get more populare in the Hive. Oh Whale.

Hmm, the video or last stream posted here is of me but this is on twitch. The Hive part is just cause 3speak has it's own community now which you can see at where communities are already available but they have those ID numbers to not make squatting names a thing.

Anyway, I went to look and your video was unfortunately not playing, dunno what is up with that.

Grrr... weird. The video plays fine in the post it created, but not on the platform. Wtf.