Gods Unchained Market Stats

in #godsunchained8 months ago

It's Sunday again, and I have some time to browse through Gods Unchained cards.

I'm still not motivated to play the game, and looking at reddit... there are a lot of unhappy players. However, the unhappy ones are usually the loudest, we will see if/how the devs will react.



As you can see, the Total Volume is declining, looks terrible at first glance.
However, ETH value has gone through the roof (thanks Bitcoin!), it makes sense that the Total Volume measured in Ethereum goes down.

Calm down, we're not doomed. Yet. :)




Mhh, delicious Legendary Chest....

Highest Last Sale


The Mastermind last sold for 7.5 ETH.

On sale for 12.5 ETH!

Did you snatch any good deal this week?

Happy collecting (and playing!)

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7.5 ETH for a card is really a astounding price

I try to play but it's very hard win a match for me

yeah, it's getting very hard for novice players... that's why I stopped playing :(

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