I've reached 5000 CTP! So..What now?

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5000 CTP.png

I wanted to make a quick post to point out the day that I reached the 5K!

It's been 3 months since I started this journey...and so far it has been awesome!

This community helped me so much in so many ways even in my work at the spa I'm so much better at communicating than before!

Thank you!

Was supposed to reach it yesterday during @jongolson's The Road to 5000 CTP show but I just missed by a day so wasn't too bad!

So...What now?

Moving forward!

I'm going to set a goal...

I want to reach 10K on my birthday! That's on February 25th!

Will I be able to accomplish it? Of course! And maybe before my birthday! Not impossible!

And if I can do it, you can do it too!

All we need to do is:

create! curate! engage!.png

Don't be an excuser!



Keep up the great work. You will do it. No problem.


Thank you 🍀

well you can do what I did aim for 10,000 then aim for 15,000 and I am working towards 20,000 slow and steady and you will get there.

All we need to do is keep consistent :) Thank you 🍀

Way to go @elianaicgomes! That's extremely good for 3months! Congratulations! You deserve a resteem! ;)

What now???

Congratz! :)

Hey @elianaicgomes, here is a little bit of BEER from @flaxz for you. Enjoy it!

50k ;)

Maybe on my next birthday 2021 ahaha I'll get there :)

Congratulations on reaching 5K CTP. I'm slowly proceeding there. ^_^ Have a great weekend! :))

congrats on your milestone I am almost there about 500 more to get there :)

Now we toast! Lol well done! It’s nice to see people supporting their favourite tribes with content regularly and building these communities and being excited about them!

Stack as much as you can! That’s what I’m doing with LEO and Sports which are my favorites

@elianaicgomes, Congratulations and good wishes from my side. If we have determined intentions towards something to achieve then our actions and implementation efforts will bring success. Stay blessed.

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A big congratulations to you Eliana for reaching 5k, you are crushing it, skål !BEER

Congratulations @elianaicgomes, this is a great accomplishment and you are a real asset to the CTPtalk tribe, and you have grown a lot in your time here, it's been very enjoyable to follow your journey, and I have every confidence that you will continue to keep growing on your journey forward, it's awesome.

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Thanks for sharing your success, Eliana. You really are going places with CTP. Hope you don't mind, I've saved that CCE pic and renamed "ElianaGomesSays". OK if I use that pic too? Looks great! Btw, I love the AMPT banner (linked to your CTP LCP).

Thank you for your comment Ian! Of course you can! Hope it helps somehow 🍀